MALAYSIA — The Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) president, Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang, defended the opposition coalition’s right to continue its plan to overthrow the Unity Government, even though some people underestimate it.

Hadi Awang, Deputy Chairman of the Perikatan National (PN) coalition, said toppling a government is normal in politics.

“That is a political statement that commonly happens in politics, no-confidence vote, get statutory declaration (SD), supporters defection — normal for it to occur.”

“We see signs indicating that in this mixed government, there is dissatisfaction among its own components. It happens. That is why something like this is not impossible,” he told reporters in the lobby of the Malaysia Parliament yesterday (6 March).

The President of PAS said that even if there is a decree from Malaysia’s King, it will not hinder them from making changes in this democratic country.

“It does happen in a democratic country (to topple the government). The statement by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is not a final decision that hinders change in a democratic country.

“According to the Constitution, the Kings are under the Constitution. Our Constitution still upholds democracy,” Hadi Awang said.

The Member of Parliament for Marang said this in response to the statement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who asked him to stop dreaming of overthrowing the Unity Government.

Abdul Hadi denied it when responding to the claim by a DAP representative who labelled PN as a dirty party because it is involved in the court cluster.

He said that although some PN leaders are being charged in court, they have not been found guilty yet.

“He can take us to court. We are open. Just like PAS is open and can be taken to court, we hope that Pakatan Harapan (PH) must be fair because they have a court cluster that has been convicted and appointed to positions, including those who are in court.

“Those who are brought to court are considered innocent. This (leader) has been taken to court but has been appointed again (to a position),” he said.

Anwar Ibrahim has earlier criticized the PAS president for predicting the collapse of the unity government before the end of its term.

“It’s fine, it’s Hadi’s right to plan and dream,” said Anwar, and rejected Hadi’s claim that the current administration is a “leaky roof with a wide-open front door.”

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