Why turn the Lee family saga into the Singapore saga?

Why turn the Lee family saga into the Singapore saga?

by Augustine Low

When the Lee family saga first erupted, Singaporeans saw it as unfortunate.

As it unfolded, it became sensational, garnering not only national but international headlines. It was painful to see a family squabble turn into a spectacle.

The Prime Minister’s nephew has since paid a price for his indiscretion, the Prime Minister’s sister-in-law too has paid the price for hers.

Now we are told that the police is investigating both the Prime Minister’s sister-in-law and brother, and they have left the country.

So the saga continues.

But for Singaporeans, it is no more unfortunate and painful. It is a distraction and a disturbance.

Every time something new and sensational happens, it is disturbing to families, disturbing to the community.

Within families, there is arguing because people being people, they take sides.

Within the community and on social media, there is bickering because there are pro-factions for the different sides of the Lee family.

It also becomes a political football, especially when it makes its way into Parliament.

Not to mention the own goal Singapore scores whenever it makes international headlines, ownself causing reputational damage to ownself.

Unless the Lees move on, the country cannot move on. Their saga becomes our saga.

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