Malaysia’s PAS MP listed 58 weddings and community celebrations she attended as her achievement 100-day report card

Malaysia’s PAS MP listed 58 weddings and community celebrations she attended as her achievement 100-day report card

MALAYSIA — When assessing the performance of our elected representatives, factors such as parliamentary attendance and support for grassroots initiatives are some of the criteria used to determine their level of diligence.

The performance report card by elected representatives is usually shared with the public to show their efforts and results achieved within a certain period.

However, the sharing of the 100-day report card of a Member of Parliament from the Malaysian Islamic Party(PAS) has elicited various comments from netizens, especially when 58 feasts were listed as one of the achievements of the elected representative.

On Tuesday,(28 February), the Kepala Batas MP YB Ustazah Dr Siti Mastura Muhammad updated a “100-day report card” on her official Facebook page.

Among the achievements listed in her report card are:

  • attending 21 events with NGOs and the community,
  • meeting with seven governmental agencies,
  • handling 87 public complaints,
  • making 36 visits to pay respects to the deceased,
  • and visiting and providing assistance to 16 disaster victims and 64 elderly/disabled/sick individuals.

Additionally, she mentioned that she participated in 58 weddings and community celebrations, and raised 11 issues concerning the people of Kepala Batas in parliament.

“Maybe student leaders who aren’t paid can do better than you”

Over a thousand netizens have since reacted to Dr Siti’s Facebook post. Many questioned her on what basis to list those feasts and 36 funerals she attended as her main achievements.

A netizen commented on the MP’s Facebook post, saying: “I can myself go without being an MP for 100 days if I have no obligations.” Another netizen agreed, saying: “Exactly. Let’s set a target of 100 ceremonies and see if you’re brave enough to compete. Come on, let’s attend 8 ceremonies a day and work hard on weekends!”

A netizen named Danesh questioned: “58 wedding ceremonies & community events? Visiting the deceased? Meetings with 7 agencies? What kind of report card is this! Student leaders who aren’t paid like you can do better than you! Good luck to the people of Kepala Batas…”

A netizen named Tok Asyraf commented: “Evaluating elected representatives based on KBSM (ceremonies, childbirth, illness, death) causes their performance in these areas to be considered more valuable than their presentation of motions and major issues in Parliament. Parliamentary debates have become mere TikTok content.”

“Visiting funerals and attending kenduri (feasts) are not considered as achievements”

Azdy Mohd commented: “In my opinion, this report card is intended to show the achievements of YB to the people. Visiting funerals and attending kenduri (feasts) are not considered as achievements.

It is not appropriate to consider many deaths or weddings in Kepala Batas as an accomplishment. That is clearly the responsibility of a YB, and in Islam, it is already clear that managing funerals is a fardhu kifayah (a collective duty).

In my opinion, YB should choose other more substantial indicators that benefit and have an impact on the people, not just visiting funerals, attending meetings, and holding meetings as a benchmark for YB’s achievements.

My suggestion is that perhaps YB could use other more practical indicators that benefit the people and the development of Kepala Batas, for example, contributing to street vendors, building new business premises, new initiatives for mosque and religious programs, educational programs, and others.”

Khairul Syazwan wrote: “There should be more programs/dialogues with the people in parliament. Assemblymen/representatives under parliament should be mobilized to work as a team and effectively address every complaint and suggestion. There needs to be an active team working together.”

Dr Siti, who is also the Deputy Chief of PAS Pulau Pinang’s Muslim Women’s Council, contested under Perikatan Nasional (PN) ticket and win a majority of 2,867 votes in the 15th General Election (GE15).

She obtained 28,604 votes, defeating her opponent from UMNO, Dato’ Sri Reezal Merican who received 25,737 votes.

Two other candidates, Danial Abdul Majeed (Muda – PH) and Hamidi Abu Hassan (PEJUANG), each received 14,214 and 747 votes, respectively.

In January, PAS’s news portal Harakahdaily shared the monthly report card of another PAS MP, Datuk Seri Idris Ahmad.

The report outlined his activities in December last year, which included meeting with three governmental agencies, visiting and assisting 82 elderly/OKU/orphans, attending the funerals of 15 families, visiting and assisting six victims of natural disasters, attending 34 wedding ceremonies, attending 17 appreciation/aqiqahs/tahlils, and participating in five other programs.

All of these activities were carried out in the month of December.

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