Mr Lim Tean expressed his concern about Singapore’s declining fertility rate and criticized the government for its failure to address the issue.

This was said in a video where Mr Lim, Peoples Voice (PV) chief, had been participating in the party’s walkabout at Potong Pasir last Saturday (25 Feb).

Mr Lim was commenting on the news about Singapore’s birthrate highlighted in the Committee of Supply debate,  explaining that a total fertility rate of 2.1 is needed for a society to reproduce itself, but Singapore’s fertility rate has fallen to a historic low of 1.05.

He stated that if left to a natural process, Singaporeans would die out and be extinct in due course.

“For a people to reproduce themselves, you need a total fertility rate of at least 2.1. Can you imagine 1.05? 1.05 is 50%. Or then it means if left to a natural process, Singaporeans will die out and be extinct in due course,” said Mr Lim.

He then criticized the government’s approach to sustaining Singapore’s population, which he believes relies heavily on immigration policies.

Mr Lim pointed out that around 23,000 new citizens and 34,500 permanent residents are granted annually, leading to an increasing population.

However, he argued that this is not a long-term solution and is a major contributor to social problems.

“When your own people die out and you replace them with foreigners, I don’t think that is the solution. It leads to a lot of social problems.”

“And this pap government has never been good at integrating foreigners with our local community. That is why you find various enclaves have now formed in Singapore. Different ethnic groups. And we are going to have problems,” said Mr Lim.

Mr Lim also criticized the government for their policies that favour foreigners over Singaporean citizens.

He highlighted the policy of allowing new foreign citizens above 30 to skip national service, while Singaporeans have reservist liability till 40, as a major issue that needs to be addressed.

“It’s not helped by the fact that they have ridiculous policies such as foreigners above 30 who are new citizens not having to do national service while Singaporeans have reserves liability till 40. And when I was in national service and subsequently reservist, I had reservist duties and obligations until I was 50. So why the distinction? And how can you? And, you know, it is a total disaster,” said Mr Lim.

Mr Lim also criticized the government’s decision to increase the Goods and Services Tax (GST), stating that it would have a snowball effect on the cost of goods and services. He argued that a 1% rise in GST does not equate to a 1% increase in the cost of goods and services, as it would lead to a chain reaction down the supply line, ultimately resulting in the end consumer paying more.

“You know, a 1% rise in GST does not mean a 1% rise in the cost of goods. Yeah, it has a snowballing effect. Everything is 1% down the line and the end consumer ends up paying ten, 20, 30% increase. We have heard of stories of how people suddenly find their coffee diet going up, the food prices going up incredibly,” said Mr Lim.

Mr Lim then called on the government to address the rising cost of living in Singapore, stating that their policies only lead to higher resale prices for flats, making it harder for Singaporeans to afford to have children.

“We have to be bold. My friend, my friends, we have to stop thinking that this society cannot afford to nurture its children, to nurture their talents.”

“If I’m in government, I will advocate that every Singaporean parent, if they have more children, will be entitled to free education for their children, starting from very young childcare all the way to university,” said Mr Lim.

Mr Lim urged the government to take immediate action to address the declining fertility rate and to provide better support for Singaporean families, rather than relying on immigration to sustain the country’s population.

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