Liu Wen-cheng’s former manager claims Liu “faked own death” to turn down a comeback offer

Liu Wen-cheng’s former manager claims Liu “faked own death” to turn down a comeback offer

TAIWAN — Taiwanese singer Liu Wen-cheng, known for his classic hits such as “Late” and “Soft Rain in March”, was reported yesterday to have passed away in November last year due to a heart attack, according to his former manager, Hsia Yu-shun.

However, Hsia made a U-turn on his statement the next day, revealing that Liu is actually still alive and in the Philippines.

Hsia, in an interview with Taiwan media ETtoday, claimed that Liu had asked him to “fake his death” in order to reject a two-billion Taiwan dollar offer from a person in mainland China who wanted to invite Liu to return to the stage for a concert tour.

According to Mr. Hsia, “Liu Wenzheng is still alive, but he will never see anyone. That’s why he asked me to deliberately announce his death, so that people wouldn’t bother him to make a comeback.”

Liu’s aunt, Lily Lee Levin, who resides in Minnesota, United States, confirmed that Liu is still alive and currently in the Philippines.

In 1975, Liu entered showbiz, and his popularity soon spread to China and other parts of Southeast Asia

He temporarily left the industry in 1984, and relocated to the United States.

Liu, who won the Golden Bell Award for Best Male Singer in 1980, 1982, and 1983, left the industry in 1991, after setting up a company where he mentored singers like Eric Moo, Annie Yi, and Fang Wen-lin.

Eric Moo expressed his sadness when he heard about the passing of Mr Liu.

“I’m very sad to hear this news, very sad. I didn’t know until you told me. I haven’t seen him in over 20 years. In fact, a few years ago, Fang Wen-Lin, Donna Chiu, and I had dinner together in Singapore with some friends, and we wanted to arrange a meeting with him through a friend, but it didn’t work out. It’s a pity. I suddenly feel very sad to hear this news.”

Perhaps Eric Moo still has a chance to meet his mentor.

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