Taiwan President announces extension of Taiwanese military conscriptions from 4 months to one year, starting from January 2024

Taiwan President announces extension of Taiwanese military conscriptions from 4 months to one year, starting from January 2024

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Tsai Ing-wen, President of ROC Taiwan announced the decision to extend Taiwanese military conscriptions from the current four months to one year starting from January 2024, to strengthen Taiwan’s combat readiness against potential Chinese attacks.

She made the above announcement in a press conference at 3:30pm today (27 December), amid increasing threats from China.

“I must admit that this is an hard decision,” president Tsai said, “but as a President and Commander in chief, it is my obligation to ensure Taiwan’s safety and interest, our perpetual survival and assurance to our free and democratic way of life for generations.”

Tsai also promised to increase the monthly salary of conscripts, from the current starting salary of NT$6,510 (US$212) to NT$20,320, to make sure they earn enough to cover their basic daily expenses, according to Taiwan media Focus Taiwan, CNA.

The Presidential Office earlier held a high-level national security meeting, pertaining to “Strengthening National Defence Force Structure” at 10am today morning.

She said China’s expansion have continuous impact on regional peace and China-Taiwan relationship, “China’s threat on Taiwan became obvious especially after military exercise in August.”

President Tsai said Taiwan is at frontline “against expansion of authoritarianism”, frontier of “defending global democracy”.

She states that only with capability and preparedness for war, Taiwan will be able to stop and prevent war, hence able to further protect Taiwan’s interest and win global community’s support.

“More united we are, Taiwan is safer, “Tsai added.

Those Taiwanese male born after January 2005 will be eligible for the one year military conscription.

This is also her first press conference in 2 years since Dec 2020.

Taipei’s defence ministry said China deployed 71 warplanes in weekend exercises

In 2018, Taiwan’s compulsory military service for men 18 and older had been reduced to four months, from one year.

On yesterday, Taipei’s defence ministry alleged that China deployed 71 warplanes in weekend military exercises around Taiwan, including dozens of fighter jets in one of the biggest daily incursions to date.

Data from Taiwan’s defence ministry showed those drills were one of the largest since they started releasing daily tallies.

In a post on Twitter, Taiwan said 60 fighter jets took part in the drills, including six Su-30 warplanes, some of China’s most advanced.

Meanwhile People’s Liberation Army spokesperson said China conducted military exercises near Taiwan on Sunday in response to “provocations” and “collusion” between the United States and the self-ruled island.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) “organised joint combat readiness patrol and joint fire strike drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan Island,” said Shi Yi, spokesman for the Eastern Theater Command.

“This is a firm response to the escalating collusion and provocations by the US and the Taiwanese authorities.”

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