Source: EZ-Link

On Friday (30 July), EZ-Link Pte Ltd, pioneer of contactless payments in Singapore, will be launching the new ‘EZ-Link Motoring Card‘ – a dedicated contactless stored value CEPAS card for ERP and Electronic Parking System (EPS) carpark payments in Singapore.

EZ-Link has also introduced a targeted line-up of motoring rewards under its EZ-Link Rewards program. This will provide customers with more benefits and exclusive deals for their motoring needs.

“We are excited to launch our new EZ-Link Motoring Card and expand our rewards offering,” Nicholas Lee, CEO of EZ-Link.

“People have always been at the heart of our innovation journey, and we are committed to providing added value to our consumers as they perform their everyday tasks.

“With the new EZ-Link Motoring Card, motorists can enjoy a more seamless and rewarding experience across their entire transport journey, while being able to enjoy added motoring rewards in line with their needs,” Mr Lee added.

EZ-Link Motoring Card (front view)
EZ-Link Motoring Card (back view)

According to EZ-Link, the EZ-Link Motoring Card is compliant with the CEPAS standard, and can be used for ERP and CEPAS-compliant carpark payments. It can also be used in 2nd Generation In-Vehicle Units (2GIU) and is future compatible with the next-gen On-Board Unit (OBU).

Motorists can register their EZ-Link Motoring Card on their EZ-Link Mobile App to access a full suite of services. This includes conducting mobile top-ups via their iOS or Android devices at no additional fee, so motorists can seamlessly top-up their cards while on the go.

Furthermore, they will also be able to track transactions, apply for the Auto Top-Up service, access card blocking services, and earn EZ-Link Rewards points.

EZ-Link Rewards program expanded to include more rewards and benefits

The EZ-Link Rewards program has also been expanded to include a new category of rewards and benefits tailored specifically for motorists.

Motoring rewards available for redemption include 25 per cent off professional car evaluation (VFIT) services at VICOM, discounted car washes, and offers for motoring insurance.

Users can earn and collate Rewards points from transactions made with their EZ-Link Motoring Card, or any other EZ-Link payment products including the EZ-Link Wallet.

Source: EZ-Link

Aside from motoring benefits, users can use their Rewards points to redeem over 100 rewards from a growing list of Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, and Service merchants.

From 30 July 2021 to 31 Jan 2022, new customers who purchase MotorMax or MotorMax Plus insurance from MSIG will receive S$125 worth of EZ-Link Wallet credits.

The EZ-Link Motoring Card will be sold at S$10 per card (with S$5 stored value) and will be made progressively available at 7-Eleven convenience stores.

It is eligible for auto-top up via the EZ-Link App, as well as with GIRO via AXS stations.

Motorists may also conduct manual top-ups at General Ticketing Machines, TransitLink Ticket Offices, ATM machines, 7-Eleven convenience stores, and EZ-Link top-up machines at selected CapitaLand malls.

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