Travel plans are on the rise in Singapore, with 44 per cent of Singaporean adults planning to travel over the coming three months, up from 20 per cent a month ago, according Finder’s travel index.

Earlier this year, Singaporeans’ interest to travel was recorded at 22 per cent in the May survey, 19 per cent in April, 20 per cent in March, and 16 per cent in February.

Source: Finder

According to the global financial comparison site, both domestic and international travel plans have increased over the past few months.

Nearly a third of Singaporeans (34 per cent) plan to travel domestically over the months of August, September, and October, up from 12 per cent in the June survey.

Source: Finder

Meanwhile, one in five Singaporeans (21 per cent) are planning to travel abroad over the next three months, up from 10 per cent last month.

Source: Finder

What’s more, Singaporeans seem to be eager to travel right away. 30 per cent of adults plan to travel either domestically or internationally in August, while 16 per cent plan to travel in September, and 14 per cent in October.

Finder’s global editor-at-large, Angus Kidman, noted that the jump in travel plans coincides with the launch of Singapore’s ‘Test, Trace, and Vaccinate’ campaign.

“We’ve seen a monumental jump in the percentage of Singaporeans interested in travel over the past month, with the number of people planning short-term travel more than doubling from June to July. It’s likely this is in part due to the recent ‘Test, Trace, and Vaccinate’ campaign for Singapore’s shift to a new normal,” said Kidman.

How the rest of the world compares to Singapore

Over the same period, most other countries surveyed saw the percentage of people with travel plans remain flat or even fall month-on-month, making Singapore an exception to the trend.

Sharing the similar appetite for travel as Singaporeans, 42.82 per cent of Filipinos said that they have travel plans in the coming three months.

A great number of Indians (37.50 per cent) are also planning a trip in the coming three months.

At the other end of the spectrum are Australians who have the lowest number of people planning trips, with only 14.87 per cent planning travel in the coming three months.

Source: Finder

“Unfortunately due to the latest outbreak, it’s likely some of the trips planned for next month won’t be possible, with restrictions in place expected to last until mid-August,” said Kidman.

“However this is just a temporary pause, and it’s likely many of these trips will be postponed for when travel is possible again. Overall it’s promising to see the lift in the number of people planning to travel, and suggests that travel is starting to recover, if not back to the way things were.”

More information on Finder’s travel index can be found here.

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