When his father went out for a haircut but forgot how to get home, a kind man helped Mr Derick Khoo’s father by booking him a Grab home and paying the fare for him as well.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (2 June), Mr Khoo thanked a gentleman named Jun Jie for helping his father get home.

He wrote, “My Dad can’t remember how to go home after he went out for haircut at his usual haircut outlet at Holland close. He [asked] for help in the MRT. Lucky meet this gentleman and dad still remember my name and mobile.”

The man called Mr Khoo who initially thought it might be a scam. Mr Khoo called home to verify his dad’s whereabouts and his mum told him that his father had gone out for a haircut.

The elderly man and Mr Jun Jie were in the MRT headed towards Joo Koon. Mr Khoo said he was still out, queuing to get dinner after meeting a customer.

That’s when Mr Jun Jie suggested that he would book a grab for Mr Khoo’s father and take him home. He even gave the elderly man S$20 to pay the fare.

Mr Khoo shared a screenshot of the conversation and said: “Lucky all well and Dad is safely home.

“[I’m] thankful to this kind man for helping my dad even though we don’t know each other.”

Netizens praise Jun Jie’s kindness

Replies to Mr Khoo’s post online have been largely positive, with praises pouring in for the young man’s kindness at helping someone in need.


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