As of Wednesday noon (24 Mar), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has preliminarily confirmed an additional 15 cases of COVID-19 infection in Singapore.

This brings the total number of infection cases to 60,236.

All of the new cases today are imported, and had been placed on Stay-Home Notice upon arrival in Singapore.

The Ministry will share further updates in its press release tonight.

MOH excludes those who have recovered from old COVID-19 infection from daily count

From 5 February, newly arrived Work Permit and S Pass holders in the Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) sectors, foreign domestic workers, and confinement nannies who have recent travel history to higher-risk countries and regions have been progressively required to undergo mandatory on-arrival polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and serology tests.

“These have enabled us to quickly identify persons who have recovered from an old COVID-19 infection, and are no longer infective to others by the time they arrived in Singapore, and to exclude them from our daily case count,” said MOH.

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