The Workers’ Party (WP) Member of Parliament (MP) Raeesah Khan took to Facebook on Tuesday (2 Mar) to reveal that a sign at the Compassvale Cape estate in Sengkang has been damaged and the letters have been moved around, “creating an unsightly mess, and a misspelling of ‘Compassvale’”.

She added that this is an issue that has occurred before and it has been fixed several times.

“We’ve received feedback from some of our residents that there have been photos circulating of a damaged sign at Compassvale Cape, and our team and the Town Council investigated the matter,” she wrote.

She added, “From what we understand, it’s a sign that has had problems before, and has been fixed multiple times. One of the main reasons it gets damaged is because people lean on it, which weakens the fixtures. People have also moved the letters around, creating an unsightly mess, and a misspelling of ‘Compassvale’.”

Ms Khan also accompanied her post with two pictures of the sign, which showed four missing alphabets and the misspelling of ‘Compassvale’ as ‘VCMPASSOALE’.

While the Town Council is working to fix the damaged sign, Ms Khan called for residents’ cooperation in ensuring that no one leans on the sign or mix the letters around.

“The Town Council is now working on a way to ensure that the signs are fixed. Unfortunately, things like that do happen from time to time.

“While the Town Council looks for a more sustainable solution and repair to this issue, it will also take the cooperation of residents to ensure that our environment is well looked after and maintained, and avoid leaning on these letters or mixing them around should they come loose,” she said.

Ms Khan also urged residents to notify the Town Council if they see anyone purposely rearranging the letters or if notice any of the letters coming loose.

“If you notice one of the letters are coming loose, or if someone is intentionally rearranging them, please notify the Town Council as soon as possible.”

Upon reading this, netizens questioned the need for such a sign to be placed in the estate.

Penning their thoughts under the comment section of her post as well as on the Facebook page of CNA, online users said that the sign is a waste of taxpayers’ money and that a simple signboard at the area will suffice.

They added that constantly repairing the sign just increases the costs, and that money can in fact be channelled into something more beneficial for the estate.

As such, they said that it is better if the sign is removed for good.

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