Netizens say dating couples should not purchase BTO flat together before marriage but rather after marriage

Netizens say dating couples should not purchase BTO flat together before marriage but rather after marriage

When people get into a relationship, most of them would want it for the long haul. This is why they get into serious commitments like owning a pet together, purchasing a car, or even buying a property together, after the relationship reaches a certain milestone.

However, what happens to these commitments when the couple suddenly breaks up? Things can get pretty sticking when they want to part ways, especially in terms of deciding which partner gets what.

In a report by Mothership, several Singaporeans who were interviewed shared their process of what happened when they decided to forfeit their Build-To-Order (BTO) flat.

Since it takes a few years for BTO flats to be ready, the interviewees said they decided to apply for BTO with their then-partners as they will have a place to move in together after seriously dating for a number of years.

Unfortunately, these relationships ended. They all talked about how the break-up affected them both emotionally and financially, with one highlighting the monetary loss that she suffered while another one shared the experience of meeting her ex-boyfriend’s new partner in order to sign new documentations for transfer of ownership.

In Singapore, if a couple decides to forfeit their flat after signing the Agreement for Lease, they will lose their down payment.

As such, this monetary loss can be damaging for some individuals.

Over on social media, netizens opined that couples should not make the decision to get married because they want to own a BTO. Penning their thoughts in the Facebook page of Mothership, online users called it a “silly game”, and noted that marriage is not a fairy tale and that people should only get into it when they have found the right person.

Some pointed out that these couples managed to “dodge a bullet” as breaking up is better than getting a divorce, especially if kids are involved. They explained that losing a deposit is cheaper than a divorce so it’s important to pick the right person to get married to and share a huge commitment with like purchasing a property together.

However, a couple of online users expressed that the BTO is a good scheme and is “workable” for most people. They explained that couples should work on taking care their relationship first before thinking of buying a BTO together.

One user questioned the need to get a BTO before marriage, while another one revealed that he purchased his BTO without getting married and he did not have any problems doing so.

However, another Facebook user stated that many couples are forced to purchase a BTO unit together due to the increasing price. “Sign 1st talk later, as they know brand new BTO prices keep increasing yearly,” the netizen wrote.

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