Six SCDF DART officers receive Public Spiritedness Award for their ‘bold and decisive actions’

Six SCDF DART officers receive Public Spiritedness Award for their ‘bold and decisive actions’

Six officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) elite Disaster Assistance & Rescue Team (DART) were awarded the Public Spiritedness Award by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Wednesday (20 Jan).

Assistant Commissioner of Police Julius Lim, Commander Bedok Division, presented the award to them during a ceremony held at the Bedok Police Division Headquarters.

The six officers are Warrant Officer Ngui Hook Siong, Warrant Officer Sulaiman Ahmad, Sergeant Muhd Khalid Abdullah Sani, Sergeant Muhammad Shafi’i Rahmat, Sulaiman Ahmad, Staff Sergeant Sharul’izam Oshman, and Staff Sergeant Zamri Amran.

Following this, the SCDF took to its Facebook to commend the officers for their “bold and decisive actions” which led to their recognition.

“Their bold and decisive actions assisted the Police in the arrest of a man for a case of Outrage of Modesty,” it wrote.

According to the SCDF, the incident took place on 31 March 2020 at about 6.20am. The six officers were having their routine training run along Mountbatten Road when they noticed a commotion at a bus stop and a man fleeing the scene.

Upon investigation, the officers were notified by a bus captain that it was a case of outrage of modesty.

Five of the officers “immediately chased after the man” while the remaining officer stayed behind to “provide assurance to the victim”.

The pursuit lasted about 600m, and the officers detained the man until the Police arrived.

“I’ve caught up to the suspect after 300m. However, I conducted an appreciation of the situation and decided to trip him at a grass patch ahead so as to prevent any serious injuries to him,” said Sergeant Muhd Khalid Abdulah Sani, as cited by the SCDF in its post.

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