Source: Progress Singapore Party (PSP)

Progress Singapore Party (PSP) will be conducting a virtual concert on 20 December in an attempt to engage with the younger generation, and raise funds for its operations for the coming new year.

Several senior members of the party, namely Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Francis Yuen, will be putting on their dancing shoes, and strumming their guitars with their soulful beats to mesmerise the audiences.

The event will be broadcasted live on Facebook at 7.30pm on 20 December.

“We need to invest in our youth – they are the future of this country and it is good to engage them in the various digital platforms well ahead of the next General Elections. My team has put together an interesting line up of songs for the 20th of December. We will also be raising funds for our party operations for 2021,” said Dr Tan, secretary-general of PSP.

According to the alternative party, the upcoming virtual event took three months of planning, and it has brought together a team of talented individuals from various age groups and from all walks of life.

“I’m really impressed to see the young and old folks from the pioneer generation to millennials getting involved in this project. Singapore needs to take a page out of our playbook whereby PSP has shown that the youth can work hand in hand with the older generation. Speaking about getting ready for the digital revolution, we have shown that it is possible to still retain the older guys,” said Mr Yuen, assistant secretary-general of PSP.

Source: Progress Singapore Party (PSP)

PSP will also start crowdfunding for the event starting from today across its digital platforms.

Audiences can request and pay for the song of their choice ahead of the virtual concert. The crowdfunding link can be found here.

Dr Tan, who has a massive following of over 74,700 followers on Instagram, is affectionately called “Ah Kong” by the millennials on the Internet. He recently launched a podcast on Spotify which has also gained a large following.

To keep up with the times, and reach out to more sophisticated digital users, PSP will also be launching its TikTok channel real soon.

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