Screenshot from video captured by Nikil Sreenivas / Facebook

A resident at Bishan who goes by the name Nikil Sreenivas on Facebook recently shared a video that captures a bolt of lightning striking Bishan stadium during the heavy downpour on Saturday (21 Nov).

The eight-second video, which was shared on Singapore Lightning Photographers Facebook group, shows a clear shot of a spectacular lightning strike hitting a floodlight at Bishan stadium, making it seem like Thor made a thunderous appearance in the Lion City that gloomy afternoon.

In response to queries from MS News, Nikil said that he captured the literal bolt from the blue on his iPhone at around 3.11pm on Saturday.

Singapore has been experiencing torrential downpours lately, so much so that flash floods have been reported at multiple locations islandwide.

While it may be all fun and games for some of us when it is raining outside, such is not the case during a thunderstorm. Allowing Nikil’s video to speak for itself, it is without a shadow of doubt scary and foolish to be out in the open in such a situation.

Hence, it would be best to seek shelter and remain indoor during thunderstorms. Stay safe, everyone.

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