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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) has clarified on Thursday (22 Oct) that the notice to creditors for submission of proof of debt or claim, which was advertised in a Malaysian newspaper, is part of the processes of liquidation of the now-defunct company, Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS).

The notice to creditors was advertised by KPMG today requesting all creditors of MAS, who have yet to file their claims, to submit proof of the debt or claim by 5pm on 12 November.

The paper advertisement has since been making rounds on social media.

Shortly after, a spokesperson at MAB clarified to media that the notice is part of the processes of liquidation undertaken by KPMG for the now-defunct MAS, which was appointed as liquidator since February.

“The matter is unrelated to MAB and is no way part of its current restructuring exercise,” the MAB spokesperson told New Straits Times (NST).

MAS was taken over by the current MAB on 1 September 2015 as part of a recovery plan initiated by its sole shareholder Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

The Edge reported that Malaysia Airlines is currently appealing to creditors to take a reduction on debts owed as the airline could not meet its payment obligations amid the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the tourism and aviation industry.

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