Source: SMRT website

SMRT clarified on Thursday (15 Oct) that a breakdown of insulation of a power cable between Tuas Link and Tuas West Road stations has led to the disruption on MRT train services on Wednesday (14 Oct).

MRT train services along the North-South Line (NSL), East-West Line (EWL), and Circle Line (CCL) were reportedly disrupted at around 7pm yesterday due to a power fault, which had affected thousands of commuters on their way home.

In a statement earlier today, SMRT apologised on the matter, and explained that there was a breakdown of insulation of a power cable between Tuas Link and Tuas West Road stations.

“A circuit breaker at Tuas West Road station should have kicked in to isolate the fault, but it did not, resulting in the NSEWL power system to trip,” it stated.

SMRT added that there was an attempt to draw power from Buona Vista Intake substation (BVI) in order to restore power to the NSEWL.

“However, this was done without first isolating the fault, resulting in a power supply disruption to CCL as BVI also serves CCL,” it added.

SMRT assured that it has isolated the insulation fault, and replaced the faulty component of the circuit breaker, adding that train services are running as usual today.

“We are working with LTA to conduct a full investigation into the premature failure of these components, together with the original equipment manufacturers who supplied the parts,” it asserted.

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