Reform Party’s Charles Yeo and lawyer Imran Rahim have resolved issues “amicably” says M Ravi

Reform Party’s Charles Yeo and lawyer Imran Rahim have resolved issues “amicably” says M Ravi

On Tuesday (8 September), lawyer M Ravi shared on his Facebook page that the matter between his client, Reform Party chairman Charles Yeo, and lawyer Imran Rahim has been “resolved amicably” over lunch.

Mr Ravi shared a photo of him with the two men and Mr Rahim’s lawyer, Abraham Vergis, having lunch. He also shared a screenshot of an Instastory posted by Mr Yeo on his personal account which read, “The matter with Mr Imran Rahim has been resolved amicably and we wish each other well. In particular I wish to state that I had not endorsed the allegations (which have yet to be proven).”

Mr Ravi went on to say in his Facebook post, “We managed to resolve the matter between the lawyers in the best traditions of the Bar. I wish both of them all the best in their respective endeavours to contribute to society.”

Mr Yeo’s allegations against Mr Rahim sparked a harrasment lawsuit

The issue between Mr Yeo and Mr Rahim was sparked when the latter filed an harassment lawsuit against the former for alleged sexual misconduct and racially charged comments.

Mr Rahim, a lawyer from Tan Kok Quan Partnership, filed the lawsuit against Mr Yeo for several accusations the politician made about Mr Rahim’s alleged sexual misconduct and even called him a “race traitor” at some point and saying that he should be “cancelled as a human being” as he is a predator and a danger to women.

In late July, M Ravi told TODAY that the lawsuit against his client, Mr Yeo, was filed a week earlier under the Protection from Harassment Act and that the first trial date was fixed for late-August.

Mr Ravi said in an earlier Facebook post, “We have firm instructions to enter Charles’ defence and my team and I will defend the case vigorously,” adding that he is taking on the case pro bono.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday as well, Mr Rahim shared the Instastory by Mr Yeo. In the caption, Mr Rahim thanked Mr Yeo for agreeing to amicable settle their disagreement. He added, “I respect the work he has done for the disadvantaged in our society and wish him all the best in his career as a lawyer and as the chairman of the Reform Party.”

Mr Rahim also extended his gratitude to the solicitors on both sides. He said, “I would also like to thank Mr M Ravi and Mr Abraham Vergis, both senior members of the bar, for helping to resolve the differences between Charles and I.”

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