Alternative parties show support towards WP’s Pritam Singh’s decision to donate 50% of his salary

Alternative parties show support towards WP’s Pritam Singh’s decision to donate 50% of his salary

Following Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh’s announcement to allocate 50 per cent of his salary as Leader of Opposition to other notable causes, various alternative party members took to their Facebook pages to express their thoughts on it.

Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) S. Nallakaruppan noted that the amount of increment Mr Singh intends to give away is about S$96,250 per annum, and although it would not seem much for a large group of people, he believed that this gesture meant a lot to Singaporeans.

Not only that he supports Mr Singh’s decision, but Mr Nallakaruppan had also raised a particular point where he wondered if the ruling party would do the same to “demonstrate that they are in sync” with the hardships Singaporeans are encountering at the moment.

“Now, the ball is left squarely on the incumbent Party Leaders to show whether they would do a likewise similar gesture to clearly demonstrate that they are in sync with the hardship many Singaporeans are going through right now with the harsh economic environment.”

PSP’s Kala Manickam complimented that Mr Singh is an “example of quality leadership”, and she was also “touched” that the WP chief’s family have such “gracious strength and support” for him.

She added that this decision will “send a strong message” to many Singaporeans to comprehend and internalise the quality leadership displayed by the Leader of Opposition.

PSP’s Jeffrey Khoo expressed that the WP chief has his respect and that it would not be a “small sacrifice”. He pointed out how giving away 50 per cent of his salary delivered a “clear message” that remuneration should be the primary motivation to serve the nation.

The chairperson of Singapore People’s Party (SPP) Jose Raymond had shared this news in support of Mr Singh’s announcement.

WP’s Nicole Seah and Gerald Giam supported their party’s chief by commenting that he displayed “true leadership”.

RDU’s comment

Red Dot United (RDU) expressed gratitude towards Mr Singh for showing Singapore “the way forward” for public service. They added that having qualities like honour, sense of duty, dedication, passion, commitment, loyalty and service is more important than “high salaries for public service”.

The RDU pointed out that the spotlight is now on ministers with high salaries and they described how a “brilliant achiever” without the purpose of service to others would be “the worst possible ministerial material”.

“The spotlight is now squarely on the high salaries Ministers draw. A brilliant achiever without the high purpose of service to others would be the worst possible ministerial material. And worse, his (or her) eyes may be focused on the wrong targets – in growing the wages of the top earners instead of ensuring that salaries of all Singaporeans increase.”

Therefore, the party believed that ministers should be incentivised to grow the wage shares in Singapore to match other first-world nations.

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