Agreeing with People’s Action Party (PAP) MP of Jurong GRC Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s three wishes for the evolution of Singapore’s politics, Workers’ Party’s (WP) Yee Jenn Jong took to Facebook to say that he also wishes for the ruling party to “play fairer”.

In a Facebook post on Monday (20 July), Mr Yee noted that when he joined WP in 2011, he felt that “the only way for PAP to listen was for it to face strong opposition”. He explained that he was, back then, an active writer to newspapers’ forum pages and in government policy feedback groups.

“I did not see the policymakers taking seriously the reforms that were needed. Singapore had gone into a false sense of relying on old methods and becoming risk averse,” he said.

Mr Yee went on to say if people wait for the ruling PAP to “fail badly” before seeing if there is an alternative that would rise up, it might be “too disruptive” for the country. Instead, he asserted that a credible alternative requires time to build up and attract more capable people to join.

Touching on the recent general election (GE), Mr Yee said that he didn’t think the PAP did badly compared to 2011—noting that the GE2015 was a “once off” thing.

“In 2011, there were still not so many alternative candidates able to match the credentials on the side of the PAP,” said Mr Yee.

”Now it faced serious challenge all over the country”, he continued, adding that the results of GE2020 shows a “maturing” of Singapore’s voters.

“All things being equal, the PAP’s brand still hold the advantage because of the general flight to safety. There is still fear by a good number of voters to go into the unknown,” he said.

“But it is changing, and I feel for the better,” he added.

Mr Yee went on to refer to Mr Shanmugaratnam’s three wishes for Singapore’s politics which the senior minister shared in a Facebook post on Sunday (19 July).

Mr Shanmugaratnam said that Singapore should be a democracy with a strong centre that avoids polarised politics; that it must be a democracy that keeps working to promote multiculturalism; and that it must also be a tolerant democracy with greater space for divergent views, a more active civil society and where public discourse won’t be divisive or unsettling to the majority.

Adding to that, Mr Yee said, “I will add one more … that the ruling party will play fairer.”

Mr Yee wrote, “Let’s not pretend that the [People’s Association] is non-political when opposition MPs cannot use the facilities or do activities with the PA. Let’s not pretend that the [Elections Department], reporting to the Prime Minister can be totally independent.

He went on, “Let’s not have opposition MPs need to seek the approval of grassroots advisors, who are obviously from the PAP’s side when they need to use the Community Improvement Projects Fund for the benefits of residents who had voted them in. Let’s not weaponised town councils and make them into banana skins for the opposition to slip up on,” adding, “The AIM saga should never have happened.”

Mr Yee also noted that the mainstream media should “stay more fair” and that the use of POFMA should be watched, or that the law should be done away with altogether.

“Sure, politics is never fair even in mature western democracies. There is a limit though to how unfair you can be and people can see through these.”

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本地食评家司徒国辉这次不谈美食,赞扬刚刚获委国会反对党领袖的毕丹星,获得加薪后就立即宣布把薪酬的一半回馈社群。 “他很清楚要当好政治家,不需要有百万元(薪酬),有些人还嘲讽他在作秀,似乎政治人物做好事或计划就该静静不说。” 毕丹星前日表示要把附加的国会反对党领袖薪酬的一半,用在工人党选区扶助低收入居民和其他慈善用途。这相当于9万6000元。 与此同时,司徒国辉也赞许另一位社运份子吴家和,他刚在本届选举参选败选,但很快就恢复了多年来一直持续的社区工作,探访流离失所和孤苦伶仃的民众。 他收集来自志愿者和支持者的食物和资源,挨家逐户拜访,交给有需要的人士。 司徒国辉表示,自己也曾跟随吴家和一起去探访民情,不过走了四五个楼层就投降了,但是吴家和还能每周坚持下去。而他自己则只是略尽绵力,捐些款项和收集来自露天熟食中心Makansutra Gluttons Bay小贩的热食,供弱势群体食用。 吴家和和其他人民之声团队在白沙-榜鹅集选区对垒张志贤领军的团队,惟仅得票12.18巴仙,失按柜金。迄今吴家和还在筹募按柜金的款项。


第一精卫营士兵李函轩身亡案报告出炉,根据国防部长黄永宏,在昨天于国会发布调查委员会调查结果,李函轩所属单位在事发前晚,在一项体能训练违反《安全训练守则》,没有让士兵获取足够睡眠。 李函轩所属支援连,在4月17日,即案发前日,进行两项体能训练。第一项在清晨6时30分,进行战斗循环训练,这符合安全训练条例。 不过,下午3时30分的心血管机能训练,长官以提升部队凝聚力和强化士兵体能为由,要求全体支援连,依同样速度跑步,而不是根据跑步能力分组训练。 在六圈跑步中,李函轩首三圈需比原定要求块10秒速度完成,剩余三圈才可根据个人速度完成。 在完成一圈跑步后,士兵只获得一分钟休息时间,比教程要求的少了45秒。 李函轩所属侦察排,长官以缺乏团队精神,有人在关灯后仍使用手机,而集体遭长官以俯卧撑、卷腹、匍匐前进等体能运动,进行体罚。长官还望士兵身上泼水,整个过程持续35分钟,士兵在洗刷后在10时45分才就寝。这导致李函轩只获得6小时15分钟睡眠。 黄永宏称,睡眠不足可能是李函轩在18日的快步行军中,导致身体疲惫的因素之一。 “相关长官在实施体罚前,没有征询上级同意,时候也没通知上级。虽然查案过程,大多士兵认为长官只是要求高,但长官是在未获授权情况下,进行体罚。” 调查也显示,一等中士李函轩完成六公里快步行军时,曾申诉小腿抽筋,但仍完成训练;完成8公里时被发现反应模糊,在场人员让他脱掉衣服、敷冰和泼水,但误判他只是过度疲劳,没有个伤患打点滴,敷冰部位也错误。 现场有人建议立即送医,但长官不采纳。见其情况未好转,才将他转到医疗中心,造成长时间的延误治疗。 委员会初步评估,无法鉴定直接导致李函轩严重中暑原因,但很肯定事发时处理伤患不当,送往军营医疗中心救治时间有明显延误,是导致李函轩中暑不治的关键原因。 李函轩中暑造成多个器官败坏,但是身上没发现其他伤势,也没证据显示涉及犯罪行为或医疗缺失。…