SPP’s Osman Sulaiman embarks on the Purple Ribbon Project, pledges to assist people to be debt-free

SPP’s Osman Sulaiman embarks on the Purple Ribbon Project, pledges to assist people to be debt-free

Aiming to assist people who struggle with debt issues, Singapore People’s Party (SPP) Khan Osman Sulaiman took to his Facebook on Saturday (18 July), encouraging the public to come forward to join the Purple Ribbon Project which helps people manage their debt problems efficiently.

According to Mr Osman, the Purple Ribbon Project was launched early March with his partners and hopes to assist more people to be financially independent and better manage their debt issues.

“On top of politics and my renovation business, I have embarked on a cause which I believe in. To assist people to be debt free,” he wrote in his post.

Mr Osman also shared a video featuring a woman who shared how she became caught up in debt and was eventually assisted by the Purple Ribbon Project.

Speaking in the video, the woman named Madam Yosnita said she was trapped in debt due to the high cost of medical treatment after she was diagnosed with cancer. Due to the high medical bills, she said she had gone over her the limits of her credit cards and consequently, she ran up a total debt of $66,000.

Following a recommendation from her sister, Madam Yosnita said that she reached out the Purple Ribbon Project to help her in dealing with her debt issues.

Coming back to Mr Osman’s post, he also encouraged people who have debt problems to reach out him. He stressed that he is not helping people by loaning or lending them money, but instead, he is doing it through the available Government’s programme while “channelling the people to the right path”.

“To be clear, I don’t give out loans and I’m not a money lender. I use the available programmes by the government and channel these people towards the right path,” he said at the end of his post.

It is noted that the Purple Ribbon Project was initiated by Edudebt Pte. Ltd to engage the community and create awareness to debtors who are in deep trouble.

“This campaign is a concentrated project targeting people who are stuck in debt trap due to genuine spending for example sick parents, children disability and any other emergency reasons,” the Purple Ribbon Project website read.


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