This year’s General Election (GE) demonstrated that “Singapore wants different”, said the member of Progress Singapore Party (PSP), Lee Hsien Yang, on Friday (17 July) as he expressed his gratitude to fellow Singaporeans.

The People’s Action Party (PAP) retained its power by winning 61.2 per cent of the popular vote share, but its support took a sharp fall compared to the previous GEs. The Workers’ Party (WP), on the other hand, attained two GRCs – Aljunied GRC and Sengkang GRC.

In a Facebook post today, Mr Lee indicated the outcome of the election was a “hard-earned” for Singaporeans as voters had to “brave the risk of COVID-19, grappled with long queues and disorganisation to cast the ballot” that represents their voice.

“GE2020 has demonstrated that Singapore wants different. We need to build on the outcome of GE2020,” he wrote.

Mr Lee, who joined the PSP on 24 June, expressed his gratitude to fellow Singaporeans in the post. He noted that many have warmly welcomed and shared their stories to him during his walkabouts, and some had even offered him encouragements on the ground and online.

“Please know that your support means the world to me,” he stated. “Many of you have read my Facebook posts and watched my not very good videos and cheered me, thank you. I have been completely overwhelmed by your numbers and good wishes.”

The son of late founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) noted that many have shared their stories and struggles to him following his father’s passing in 2015, where he discovered the two sides of Singapore.

One side of Singapore is for those who have connections to or in the circle of “the PAP’s natural aristocracy”, while the other side is for the “ordinary Singaporeans” who are struggling to search for crumbs, he said.

“I know that my father’s concerns were always for the future of Singapore and not the perpetuation of the PAP,” said the estranged brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Mr Lee explained his way of contributing to the nation is based on his “reserved and shy” personality, adding that he eluded from public attention and had to learn public speaking as it did not come “naturally” to him.

Meanwhile, his biggest shout out was to the “many capable and courageous” candidates from the alternative parties, whose he believes represent “fairness and compassion” for governance in Singapore.

“Their volunteers behind the scenes put in so much in so many different ways because they care for the future of our country. Every small step taken to change the narrative for our country is a battle hard won,” Mr Lee added.

Of the 93 Parliamentary seats up for grabs, the PAP won 83, while the WP won the other 10 seats. Thus, he urged Singaporeans to support the elected Members of Parliament (MPs) from the opposition party as they represent the voice of the people.

“We also need to continue to make clear our rejection and repulsion of the character assassinations, lawsuits, POFMA and police reports style of government. We need our politicians not to threaten but to reason,” Mr Lee stated.

He called on Singaporeans to speak up and volunteer to help the political parties they believe in, and continue to make their voices heard by participating in public petitions and commenting on legislation that made for political gain.

“Demand fairness in the People’s Association (PA) grassroots advisor appointments and use of funds, and not allow a mockery of democracy.”

“Push for an open government and a fair and free press. Decry rule by oppression and fear, and the use of an internet brigade. Shout out against conflicts of interest in government,” Mr Lee asserted.

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