Image source: Jose Raymond Facebook video

The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) chairman Jose Raymond took to his Facebook on Monday (6 July) to deliver a message to the residents in Joo Seng.

Speaking in a video, Mr Raymond – who will be contesting at Potong Pasir SMC – gave his word that he is determined to ensure their needs are all attended effectively and with lots of heart.

“I am determined to ensure that your needs are all attended to. We will also work together to ensure that our dreams for the community will always materialize.

“The days where Joo Seng was kicked around like a political football are now over. And you are now home in Potong Pasir SMC. The days that you needed to queue up for hours to meet your MP twice a month are now gone. As I mentioned at my first rally and have informed you personally, I will attend your needs effectively and with lots of heart.”

The SPP chairman went on to say that he has their back, adding that he has met many of the residents in Joo Seng to the point he feels connected to them for a long time already.

“I have seen you, I hear you and let me tell you that I have your back. Now that I have met so many of you, I feel like we have known each other for a long time.”

While expressing his gratitude to the residents who welcomed him and his team, Mr Raymond also promised that he will never ever take their hospitality and warm embrace for granted.

“Many of you have opened your door, showered me and my volunteers with drinks and even lozenges. To the family who waited for me last night and gave me a rousing welcome, I salute all of you. To the lady who was returning from work who took our flag and left it outside as your symbol of hope, I salute you.

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such warmth, but I promise that I will never ever take this for granted. You have shared your concerns, your dreams and your hopes with me. Some have also shared specific concerns in relation to the estate that my team and I have already been applying our minds to.”

In his video message, Mr Raymond also stated that the SPP will “harness technology and the ideas of building the community” to make Joo Seng a better place.

He concluded by assuring the residents – old and new – that they have “found a voice and a friend” in him.

“You may be new to Potong Pasir SMC, but believe me when I say that you are now part of the greater Potong Pasir family, which includes Sennett Estate, Bidadari, Tai Seng, Mount Vernon Road and MacPherson Green. In me, you have found a voice and a friend.

“Together let’s welcome a new dawn for Joo Seng.”

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