Image source: Amir Abu Adam/Facebook

A Facebook post with photos of a foreign worker wearing an East Coast-Fengshan Town Council shirt distributing bags with the People’s Action Party (PAP) logo has gone viral.

The photos, shared by Facebook user Amir Abu Adam on SG Opposition group on Friday (3 July), showed the worker going from HDB block-to-block to distribute the bags.

The post came with the caption, “Town Council exploiting foreign workers to distribute PROPAGANDA materials??? Is this the ‘East Coast Plan'”.

In the series of photos, a foreign worker – is seen wearing a maroon-coloured T-shirt with the words “East Coast-Fengshan Town Council” on the back and carrying a few white-coloured bags with the PAP logo on them.

One of the photos – a screenshot from a CCTV footage – shows the worker carrying the bags and walking along a corridor.

Meanwhile, in a another photo, several workers can be seen standing beside a trolley that is full of PAP bags at a HDB void deck.

According to Mothership, East Coast-Fengshan Town Council is not aware of this issue.

However, the town council noted that its cleaners are not allowed to distribute party-related materials, adding that it will be investigating the matter.

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