Photo source: McDonald’s Singapore Facebook page

McDonald’s Singapore has just announced that the fast-food restaruant will be back to business tomorrow (11 May) via contactless McDelivery®, Drive-Thru and takeaway.
However, the company beseech its customers not to rush down as there are a few things to note.

  1. Most of its restaurants will be open from 7am to 9pm.
  2. No 24-hour service during the Circuit Breaker Measures.
  3. Dessert Kiosks and McCafé® counters will remain closed.
  4. Some restaurants will have different opening hours and those located in parks, tourist attractions, and some institutions will also remain closed.

The company asked for customers’ understanding as these measures would allow the company to reduce the number of crew members in its restaurants and lets more of its senior staff stay safely at home.
“Please be patient if it takes longer than usual for us to prepare your favourites.” wrote the company on its Facebook page.
Customers are also asked to observe all safety measures such as temperature-taking, safe distancing guides, as well as SafeEntry registration.
McDelivery® will be 100% contactless and will only accept cashless payments.
McDonald’s Singapore earlier made the announcement via Facebook on 19 April and further extended the closure on 30 April till further notice.

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