Daniel Teo in one of the PSP walkabouts prior to the circuit breaker measures.

A member of the Progress Singapore Party was expelled by the party yesterday night after it has been determined that a baseless and defamatory video was produced and circulated by the member.
The member has been identified as Daniel Teo Weilong, 36 who had admitted to the party’s chief, Dr Tan Cheng Bock that he had produced the video.
The video which was passed to the mainstream media and subsequently published by fathership.co, claimed that the party has been infiltrated by foreign proxies and named ten individuals in-or-associated with the party along with two other non-party members.
According to the message sent by Dr Tan that he sent to party members on Friday night and seen by TOC, Teo has confessed to him about having to commit the offense against the party and a few of its members. He also noted that the case is now under police investigation.
Dr Tan noted that while Teo had offered to resign from the party, the Central Executive Committee has decided unanimously to expel him with immediate effect.
He noted that the party has taken decisive action on this to preempt any rumor or speculation that may be detrimental to the party’s reputation. Noting that while the party values its members, it also expect its members to safeguard the interests of the party.
“Any action that hurts the party’s crediblity cannot and will not be tolerated”, wrote Dr Tan.
This is the second incident where the party had to expel its member. It had previously expelled Jan Chan, who was formerly with the National Solidarity Party (NSP) from 2014 to 2019 after he posted an image of the Bible and the Quran with the accompanying caption, “For use during toilet paper shortages”, on the Facebook page of NUS Atheist Society, which he ran. The offensive post went viral leading the police to investigate the matter.

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