A male Chinese national expressed his worry over the attitude of Singaporeans who seems taking lightly the threat of COVID-19 while advising Singapore to learn from China to implement stricter measures against COVID-19.
The Chinese national on 21 April posted a video of himself talking and showing the situation of shopping centres and public transport in Singapore two weeks after the implementation of circuit breakers measures.
He said in the video that it was “incomprehensible” and “unbelievable” when seeing the shops and restaurants are still operating as usual while people are queuing to buy bubble tea during this period.
He doubted that whether Singaporeans are aware of the seriousness of the virus as there are still many people were seen groceries shopping in the supermarket.
Although the country is currently under “Circuit Breaker”, the man, however, mentioned it is “crowded” when he was at the MRT station.
“I’m worried about Singapore as the infection cases were about 2,000 to 3,000 before the circuit breaker. But now, the number of cases has passed 8,000. So, the situation is getting worse,” he said in the video.
Instead of deeming the spike in COVID-19 cases are stemmed from migrant workers dormitories, he also cautioned the people to remain vigilant as he is worried more about the risk of community transmission.
Thus, the man suggested Singapore to implement “comprehensive”, “thoroughly” and “stricter” precautionary measures as in China to curb the spread of virus.
“All the people should not be allowed to leave their house. Stay at home,” he said while adding that food courts, markets and public transport should also cease its operations.
“Learn from China, you have benefit,” he said.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has earlier confirmed 897 new Covid-19 cases as of Friday noon (24 April), taking the total count of infection cases in Singapore to 12,075 while China reported 6 new cases as of Friday.

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