Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has called all its citizens to join forces in fighting COVID-19 through self-discipline and gotong royong (mutual cooperation) in a video released by the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel last Sat (18 Apr).
“Coronavirus spread can be curbed through strong-will of self-discipline,” said the President, after mentioning that Indonesia is not fighting the virus alone but with other 213 countries in the world.
He added that the public can start showing their discipline by always wearing a mask and following safe distancing, adding that this is the time for people to be “working from home, studying from home, and praying from home”.
Mr Widodo encouraged the people to engage in communal activities that also keep the economy moving, referencing the story of a community that purchase the products sold by their neighbours to survive.
Another story was about a community that helps infected neighbours instead of exiling them.
“Actions of solidarity affirm the greatness of Indonesia as a nation that [upholds] gotong royong, a nation that always finds strengths and local solutions amid various crises,” he said.

Mr Widodo also urged the local government to conduct more tests and be more aggressive in tracing any COVID-19 contact, including distribution of aid to those who are infected.
“The government cannot work alone. We can’t. The participation of all parts of society is really important. I know it is not easy, but I believe we will become a stronger nation if we can get through these challenges,” the President said.
As of today (20 April), Indonesia has reported a total tally of 6,760 persons tested positive with the coronavirus nationwide and 590 persons have died.

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