Spearheaded by members from the fintech sector, co-chairs Chia Hock Lai and Tan Bin Ru have set up the Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS), which is a new blockchain industry group.
The new industry group consists of three agencies. They are the Blockchain, Enterprise and Scalable Technologies (BEST) and the Singapore Blockchain Association (SBA), both of which are founded in 2018.
The current president of the Singapore Fintech Association is Mr Chia and he was also the former chairman of SBA. On the other hand, the former chairman of BEST was Ms Tan and she is also the current Chief Executive (Asia-Pacific and UAE) at the New York Stock Exchange-listed OneConnect Financial Technology.
According to BAS: “With Mr Chia’s extensive experience in building the fintech ecosystem locally and internationally, as well as OneConnect’s technology capabilities and know-how in enabling digital transformation for financial institutions, both chairpersons will play a crucial role in driving innovations and impact for the blockchain industry across the globe.”
In Singapore, there is a need to encourage the industry to facilitate and promote the development of existing and new players in this space as the country is a thriving hub for blockchain, Mr Chia pointed out.
Similarly, Ms Tan remarked that “Firms today will need to stay nimble and find new, effective ways to enhance their business – blockchain is one of the technologies that can create tremendous value.”
To help mid-career switchers and working adults obtain new skills to boost their employability, BAS has also joined hands with Singapore Polytechnic. This partnership is a goal by BAS to build a strong talent base for the digital economy as well as to foster blockchain literacy in the country.
BAS, NTUC and the Singapore Polytechnic will work together under the Professional Conversion Programme to run a six-month course to cultivate mid-career switchers with the skills required to become blockchain application junior developers.
In addition, a series of six-week courses on blockchain technology for working professionals and business executives will also be introduced by BAS.

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