On Monday (23 March), 54 new COVID-19 cases were reported, and 48 of them were imported infections. The total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Singapore is now at 509.

A teacher at a PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Sparkletots centre was tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. As reported on The Straits Times, an e-mail circular from the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) was sent to the parents, informing them that the pre-school at Block 126 Fengshan is closed on Tuesday (24 March). The closure was intended to allow for a thorough cleaning and disinfection at that particular premise as an added precautionary measure.

It was reported that the Ministry of Health (MOH) is currently conducting contact tracing to stop further developments. Classes and programmes will resume on Wednesday (25 March).

The press had stated that the Nursery Two teacher was last seen on 18 March for a few hours in the afternoon to attend to some work, adding that she was seen well. After that, she had been on leave from that very day till last Friday (20 March). She developed symptoms on Friday and had consulted a doctor.

In the aforementioned e-mail sent by the ECDA, it was announced there is no need to close the centre for 14 days, according to the ECDA Chief Licensing Officer Jamie Ang. She mentioned that the pre-school had implemented precautionary measures for the past month, including increasing the frequency of temperature screening to three times a day, ensuring personal and environmental hygiene practices among children and staff, restricting visitors, as well as suspending large group activities.

The senior director of PCF’s pre-school management division, Marini Khamis, said that the teacher – who is now COVID-19 positive – was not involve in conducting lessons for children although she went back to the centre to attend to some work on 18 March. Before stepping foot into the centre that day, the teacher had also cleared the necessary health checks and temperature screening.

Ms Khamis stated that the parents of the children attending that centre had been informed via telephone from the staff and teachers, as well as PCF’s parent engagement portal. Parents were also advised to monitor their children’s health and take them to a doctor if unwell.

Regarding the environmental hygiene of the centre, Ms Khamis explained that regular cleaning and sanitising frequently touched surfaces, toys, and shared items are being carried out.

“Since January 2020, PCF Sparkletots has been in strict compliance with the Covid-19 precautionary measures outlined by ECDA. We have aligned our measures with ECDA’s directives and remain prepared to step up these measures as and when needed,” noted Ms Khamis.

The centre also suspended all non-essential visits amidst the pandemic to avoid possible transmissions.

“We have suspended all non-essential visits to our centres during this period to minimise the risk of community transmission. Large group activities and excursions have also been suspended to minimise exposure of children and staff to large crowds,” according to Ms Khamis.

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根据马国默迪卡民调中心,针对希盟政府执政百日进行民调,显示希盟政府仍获得67巴仙的满意度,其中,依据族群分别为79巴仙华裔、89巴仙印裔、62巴仙沙巴、砂拉越土著,以及58巴仙的巫裔选民支持。 该民调是从本月7日至14日,透过电话采访了1160位21岁以上,来自马来亚半岛、沙巴及砂拉越的选民。 询及马国是否正朝着正确轨道前进,有55巴仙表示认同,25巴仙表示不赞同,20巴仙则感到不确定。但是,有66巴仙受访者对政府经济管理感到满意,56巴仙对国家经济前景感到乐观。 另一方面,民调也显示仍有71巴仙选民对首相敦马哈迪表现感到满意。81巴仙公务员对马哈迪感到满意。 当前有50巴仙选民最关心通货膨胀问题,其次则为肃贪(32巴仙),再来这是捍卫马来主权及各族平等权益(21巴仙)。对于一马公司议题和前首相纳吉涉贪议题,分别仅占7及6巴仙。 “需更多时间落实” 敦马哈迪坦言,竞选宣言有些承诺需要更多时间落实,在大选前把他们放入宣言时,希盟也未料到能成功变天。 “但是当我们接管政府时,发现国家状况比我们预想的糟,前朝政府借了太多钱。”他说,致使现任政府在一个很严峻的环境下工作。 不过,他表示希盟政府仍会兑现诺言,他深知若无法兑现,将面对各界反贪,包括遭到反对党挞伐,导致在下届选举丢失政权。 不过,他有信心希盟拟定的大部分竞选宣言可在五年内完成。 另一方面,副首相旺阿兹莎则为希盟政府百日成绩打圆场,认为尽管无法兑现所有百日承诺,但并不需要公开道歉。 他强调,在10项百日承诺中,有两项已经兑现,即落实妇女公积金和废除消费税。

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