All Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributors under the age of 55 can now withdraw a maximum total of RM500 per month over a period of 12 months from their second account.

This new provision is effective starting from 1 April this year.

The i-Lestari withdrawal facility for all EPF contributors is an initiative approved by the Economic Action Council in an effort to lighten the pressure on the people amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin remarked.

Mr Yassin further elaborated, “This initiative, with an estimated withdrawal of RM40 billion, is expected to benefit 12 million EPF contributors in the country…Apart from the reduction in the contribution rate by four per cent announced previously, I hope this initiative can provide additional monies for employees for them to buy daily necessities.”

“I would like to advise all people who will benefit from this initiative to use the additional monies wisely. Buy items that are necessary during these difficult times…What is important is to ensure there is food on the table for your family. Perhaps, the additional money can also be used to settle water or electricity bills and even house rentals depending on your needs,” he added.

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【选举】行动党、工人党有何区别? 林志蔚:行动党倾向资本一方

工人党盛港集选区候选人林志蔚,认为当人民行动党在政策上“比较倾向资本一方”,反观工人党的目的,则是协助新加坡工友们在国家收入上取得较大的份额。 林志蔚本身也是位经济学家,本身拥有美国哈佛大学历史学硕士、美国加利福尼亚大学圣克鲁兹分校国际经济学、哲学博士,目前也是ESSEC商学院经济学副教授。 行动党荷兰-武吉知马候选人维文,是在昨晚(1日)在新传媒的电视辩论,在问答环节时乘机暗讽工人党“像行动党”或是“精简版的行动党”(PAP-Lite),维文指自己也读了工人党的竞选宣言,行动党也可以写出和工人党一样的宣言,只不过工人党的主张略微偏左。 然而,林志蔚也反驳,行动党工人党之间最根本的差别,乃是双方在哪些方面作出取舍。前者倾向资本方,但工人党则多为新加坡工友考量如何在国家收入取得较大份额。 他也指出,在每一元国家收入中,新加坡工友仅取得42角,反观日本则能取得55角,这显示本地工友取得的份额不足。所以工人党认为,重新检讨这种收入分配,是很有必要的。 林志蔚称,工人党不是为了反对而反对,大家是要正确能帮助到人民的政策。再者,该党宣言也是有根有据,都有统计考量。