Earlier today, Malaysia Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin held a press conference, mainly addressing the financial struggles people are facing during the lockdown because of COVID-19.

At the press conference, Mr Muhyiddin also announced that Malaysia’s National Security Council will consider extending the Movement Control Order (MCO) to resume the country’s effort in containing the spread of COVID-19.

According to him, the decision will be addressed on 30 March, a day before the expiry of the current MCO.

Mr Muhyiddin mentioned that the Council will observe the developments of the virus spread in Malaysia. Depending on the impact of the initial period of the COVID-19 containment, the Council may consider extending the Movement Control Order for another one or two weeks.

He stated that an improvement of the situation and the effectiveness of the MCO will depend on the numbers and data.

“We will study according to the latest developments. If the numbers and data are lower than what we see today, then the MCO will be showing positive effects,” said Mr Muhyiddin today.

After five days of implementing the MCO, the Prime Minister also mentioned that compliance had improved to 90 per cent although there are certain people who refused to follow orders. As reported on Free Malaysia Today, he said that the Order is considered to be working, but there are still hopes to reduce movements to a minimum.

“From one angle, it can be said that the MCO is working, but if there are still some movements, we’re hoping it can be reduced to a minimum.”

So far, only one person in a family or household is allowed to go out to purchase necessities. People have been strongly advised to step out of their houses only when necessary.

Although instructions were repeatedly given to the people, Mr Muhyiddin again urged everyone to follow the instructions and stay at home as much as possible without forgetting to practise high levels of personal hygiene.

After rounds and rounds of announcements, Mr Muhyiddin stated that the coronavirus does not spread if people stay at home and practise social distancing. He believes that if everyone follows the instructions to stay at home, the COVID-19 situation will be more under control.

“If we’re at home and safe without contact with anyone else, then we can ensure the virus doesn’t spread. If we can do this, I think the effect that we will be able to see is that the situation will improve and be more under control.”

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