Today (3 March), Associate Professor of political science at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Ian Chong Ja shared a Facebook post encouraging Singaporeans to be more empathetic towards the political turmoil in Malaysia.

The brief post shared by the associate professor explains that a stable, peaceful, and prosperous Malaysia would only bring more good to Singaporeans even if it was for self-interest reasons. He reiterated that long-lasting and strong political ties with Singapore’s immediate neighbouring country only presents itself with more opportunities, cooperation, investment, and trade.

Dr Chong, whose comments on political developments in the region have been heavily quoted by the media, noted that good and strong political ties between both the countries would add to the attractiveness of Singapore as it is situated in a stable and more promising region to potential external partners.

The associate professor recapitulated that it is incumbent that Singaporeans wish Malaysians well in their endeavours given Singapore’s position as a regional gateway that allows access to all Southeast Asian countries as well as being the closest country to Malaysia geographically.

The Facebook post included a number of links comprising Singapore’s business ties, investments, and exports with Malaysia. The associate professor also provided a link to a 2016 article published by The Straits Times entitled “Nearly 300,000 people walk between Malaysia, Singapore daily: Malaysian Immigration Dept”.

He also highlighted the close working relationship between the two countries and people, adding that this bond of working together brings growth and shared prosperity to each country.

Dr Chong’s overall post is in response to the change in leadership in Malaysia after Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was sworn in as the 8th Malaysian Prime Minister on Sunday (1 March), following the resignation of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad which ultimately lead to the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s appointment came following a political tug of war that had intensified between Dr Mahathir and his Pakatan anointed successor PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, with both claiming they had majority support in parliament to form a government at different times.

Netizens react to Muhyiddin Yassin’s appointment as Malaysian PM with apprehension

Meanwhile, on the local front, Singaporeans shared their thoughts on the Facebook pages of CNA, Today, Mothership, and The Online Citizen.

Netizens expressed strong views as they believe that the appointment of the new premier is nothing more than a traitorous act.

Netizen Justin Tan – a Malaysian currently residing in Singapore – said that Malaysia is not pleading with the new PM to be saved. According to him, the Malaysian premier’s appointment is an undemocratic act that “took away the people’s mandate”.

Singaporean Facebook user Shah Omar believed that Tan Sri Muhyiddin‘s appointment was an act of betrayal to the former premier Dr Mahathir as he commented, “Sir. There is no honour amongst thieves. There is no integrity amongst that betray their leaders. You are sleeping with the enemy.”

The sentiment was shared by a few others.

Meanwhile, there were also those who mocked the current political front in Malaysia by making comparisons to Singapore. Online user Ridzwan Sarwal made a cynical remark as he moots that PM Lee has a new best friend in current Malaysian PM Muhyiddin and therefore could forget former PM Najib bin Razak.

There are also online users who have expressed doubts over the competency of the premier. They opined that his real intent will be apparent in his cabinet line-up as to who he intends to protect – the country or the crooks.

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长期以来执政党人民行动党的想法,即我们需要“高薪养廉”,出高薪才能吸引人才、杜绝贪腐。因此,我们的高级公务员和部长都需要支付以高薪。而上周本地五位市长宣誓就职,亦有领取高薪(据2017年的薪资探讨报告,市长年薪约为66万元)。 当然,没有人会质疑市长为社会作出的贡献,问题是,他们是否值得支付这么多的薪水?此外,当选的议员是否能够履行职责。毕竟,公共服务才是他们最重要的职责。 近日,人民党主席乔立盟,却为我们树立了没有高薪也能服务选民的好榜样。他在脸书上呼吁波东巴西的失业居民,透过自己的网站寄出履历,而且他自己也将与开发商合作,创造一个互助的市场,让有需要的居民能够获得相关捐赠。 从乔立盟的立意而言,我们需知,他的所作所为出自自愿。他并非是当地的民选议员,也没有支付任何薪资,但却愿意投入自己的时间和精力来帮助新加坡人。 这样的例子与人民行动党的理念背道而驰,即需高薪支付公务人员,方能把事情做好一事。 承上所述,重点在于进入公共服务的人不应为高薪而来。虽然,所有的工作都应该付以相应的薪资报酬,但我们必须从中取得平衡。相比高薪的市长,乔立盟的榜样是否能让人们稍作停顿,重新思考人民行动党以“薪“为主的论述? 值得注意的是,乔立盟在本次大选中,仍不敌人民行动党的司徒宇斌。虽然他输了这场竞选,却依旧继续为波东巴西的人民努力,无条件地帮助他们。 尽管有人对他的行为嗤之以鼻,嘲讽他是为了下次大选做准备,但他起码没有把一切当作理所当然。他理解人民对自己工作的担忧,因此积极地为人民创造机会缓解他们的担心。 当然,没有人能够确保他在未来能够成功当选,毕竟对反对党而言,新加坡的政治环境是一场艰苦的战斗。 那些已习惯(或期待)高薪才能服务民众的人,当他们的薪资受到威胁,兴许无意间会发现他们啥都干不了。毕竟,国家与人民行动党之间的界限仍然非常模糊,除非有强大的反对党在国会中,这一界限才会明确。 我们有必要重新检视“高薪养廉”这个根深蒂固的信念。