Ngee Ann City cordoned off a floor at Tower A after its first confirmed case of coronavirus

Ngee Ann City cordoned off a floor at Tower A after its first confirmed case of coronavirus

The Management of Ngee Ann City cordoned off a floor in Tower A after a confirmed case of coronavirus (Covid-19) was reported from the office building of Tower A.

The case is the 77th coronavirus case being reported in Singapore.

The Management circulated a note to inform its tenants about the case on 17 February, the same day as when the security was alerted with the case at around 12 pm.

Today Online reported that the infected individual – a 35-year-old man – is an employee of DBS Bank who works in the bank’s satellite office at Ngee Ann City, he is also the second employee from the bank to be infected with Covid-19.

A spokesperson from DBS Bank said the employee was in close contact with the bank’s first coronavirus case, which involved a 62-year-old employee.

He was placed under quarantine since last week before being diagnosed with the virus, DBS Bank added.

Meanwhile, Ngee Ann City’s management said the affected office space and floor in Tower A have been cordoned off, while the common areas such as lifts and toilets are being deep cleaned and disinfected in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

“We have immediately cordoned off the area where he worked and have initiated a serious of deep cleaning process in the immediate areas as well as common areas where the case was last seen,” Ngee Ann City’s management said in its note to tenants.

Last Wednesday (12 February), about 300 employees of DBS Bank were evacuated from their office on the 43rd floor of Tower 3 at Marina Bay Financial Centre after a 62-year-old employee was confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

“We are rendering every support to him and his family during this period. We have also identified those who were in close contact with him, and are taking the same precautions as we did with the first case,” said the DBS spokesperson.

The bank said it will continue to monitor the situation to ensure their employees’ and customers’ health and well-being.

“We have a framework for contact tracing, which we execute through a mix of physical interviews and data analytics. Through this, we are able to contact trace up to three degrees of separation,” the spokesperson added.

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