“Power-Up Pasir Panjang” competition proposals to guide Pasir Panjang Power District redevelopment

“Power-Up Pasir Panjang” competition proposals to guide Pasir Panjang Power District redevelopment

As part of the government plan to transform the Greater Southern Waterfront, towers from old theme parks, farms and old shopping containers are set to be used to build towers in the quest to redevelop the Pasir Panjang Power District.

On Monday (13 Jan), an exhibition was held at the URA Centre, showcasing proposals from the “Power-Up Pasir Panjang” competition.

This competition, held from April to June last year, had many participants compete where they imagined the face of the district in the future for the next 15 to 20 years. From the competition, 10 winners were selected from the overall 79 submissions by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

There were two topics under which participants competed, which were the master plan for the whole Power District and the ways to re-purpose Power Station A.

The 15-hectare Power District housed additional building such as a staff apartment block and a pump house, as well as oil and gas tanks, and two decommissioned power plants A and B. Fellow winners were also of two categories for each of the two topics, the tertiary category for students and the professional category for working individuals.

In the tertiary category, four master students won for topic one with their proposal to integrate a closed-circuit water system with a mixed-used residential and cultural space for the entire district.

On the other hand, a special mention is won by a group of architects in the professional category with their proposal to redevelop Power Station A by replacing the power plant’s chimneys with two towers built from old shipping containers. One tower will be remodelled into artists-in-residence whereas the other tower will be made into a hotel.

According to the Minister for National Development, Lawrence Wong, this redevelopment is the initial effort to transform the Greater Southern Waterfront.

The Prime Minister announced in August last year that with the Greater Southern Waterfront project, 30km of Singapore’s southern coastline will be converted into a recreation, residential and working space.

Mr Wong remarked that “We are very excited by the ideas received from the competition. Because these ideas give us a better sense of the wide range of possibilities for the Power District,” and that a brief will be formed from the concepts contained in the winning proposals. In light of this, developers will also provide feedback on the brief in the Request for Information exercise, also introduced on Monday.

For the Request for Information exercise, more information will be available on URA’s website.

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