The train service on the North South Line experienced delay this morning (16 December) due to a signal failure, resulting in the suspension of train service between Kranji and Bukit Gombak around 8 am.
As such, trains along the North South Line were operating in two sections, from Jurong to Bukit Gombak and Kranji to Marina South Pier. MRT mobilised free bus service and free shuttle busses for commuters travelling between Jurong East and Kranji.
These announcements were posted on the MRT Singapore Service Information Facebook page this morning.
Not long after, however, the post was updated around 9.09 am to indicate that the North South Line has resumed full service, thus the free bus and shuttle bus services have ended.

A commuter who was affected by the delays noted that it happened during peak hour – the photos she provided show Kranji station completely packed with people queuing up for the free bus services.
But just as she was getting to the front of the queue, the train was up and running again. This meant that there was a large crowd of commuters now trying to get onto the train.

The commuter TOC spoke to said that the communication at the station was “confusing”, adding that, “announcing which queue for what and arranging proper ushers would have been more useful.”
She said, “everyone walking confused in the massive crowd.”
Other commuters, some in the Chua Chu Kang station, shared the same sentiment online about how SMRT handled the crowds and how commuters were waiting for a long time to board the free bus services:

Others mentioned how the train service resumed as soon as they got onto the bridging busses:

Some noted that there were announcements being made of train arrival times even when the service was also announced as being disrupted:

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