Image from, a leading property portal in Singapore, together with Prout, a community-based app for the LGBTQ+ community, hosted Singapore’s first ‘Meet Your Next Housemate’ event for the LGBTQ community at Found8’s Anson Road co-working space on Thursday (19 Sep).
About 120 participants attended the jointly-run event, which was sponsored by General Assembly, and supported by industry partners AMICI Events and Catering and Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar.
The aim of the event is to help the LGBTQ community understand and manage the forms of housing discrimination they may face, as well as provide a space for LGBTQ individuals to network with other LGBTQ/LGBTQ-friendly homeowners.
The event started off with’s announcement of their newly launched of ‘Diversity Friendly tag’ on their platform, which will allow property owners and agents to declare their stance for inclusion and diversity.
This was followed by a talk and panel discussion on the basic housing and rental processes in Singapore along with the mental health implications and support for LGBTQ individuals living in non-supportive homes who are considering moving out on their own.
Moderated by Cally Cheung, COO & Co-founder of Prout, the panel featured professionals from the real estate and mental health industries, including real-life accounts from a lesbian couple who generously shared their journey of moving out on their own.
The highlight of the event was a Speed-Mating Café in which connected LGBTQ persons seeking a new home with fellow LGBTQ/LGBTQ-friendly homeowners.

Image from
Image from
“The purpose is to match people up to move in with each other as housemates and to encourage people to move into a safe space – a space they can truly call home and be their authentic selves. This has never been done before. The reception from the community has been overwhelmingly positive and we cannot wait to make the next “Meet Your Next: Housemate” event happen next year with,” said Cally Cheung.
“Since the launch of the ‘Diversity Friendly’ tag on Tuesday, we already have 86 listings opting to show their support for diversity and inclusion. This is very encouraging to see,” noted Yan Phun, COO & Co-founder of
“ stands against all forms of discrimination and I am proud for to take the lead in the housing and property space. We want to be the first property portal to lead the community in building more welcoming and supportive homes for all Singaporeans, regardless of race, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression,” he added.

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