On 21 July (Sunday), The Workers’ Party (WP) Youth Wing conducted its annual conference where it elected its new Exco members for the new term from 2019 to 2021.
Announcing this on WP Youth Wing’s (WPYW) Facebook page, it is revealed that the elections were held for the posts of four Exco members.
Below are the current WPYW Exco for the new term:
President: Leon Perera
Vice-president: Allan Goh Chye Soon
Secretary: Leandra Chee Min Lian
Exco members:

  • Wayne Lim Ghim Hui
  • Muhammad Izahar bin Jailani
  • Cai Yingning
  • Leow Yi Ting Jessica
  • Mohamed Altaff Khibran
  • Fikril Hakim Bin Azril
  • Yudhishthra Nathan

The newly elected members are Wayne Lim Ghim Hui, Muhammad Izahar bin Jailani and Fikril Hakim bin Azril.
In the post, Youth Wing president Leon Perera “thanked the outgoing exco members for their contributions”.
WP’s secretary-general Pritam Singh also took to his Facebook today (23 July) to congratulate the new WPYW Exco members who were elected as office holders.
He wrote that although youth voices are often deemed as cause-based, but a political party should always accommodate a wide range of views. In addition, it also has to compromise, said Mr Singh.
“Accommodating different views and opinions requires an open minds, and a willingness to contribute effectively, particularly when one has to deal with people from different walks of life. This takes effort and energy,” he said.
He added, “Kudos to all Youth Wing members who contribute their time and in doing so, fly the party flag high”.
He also noted that he was “encouraged” to witness the “current Youth Wing Exco host thought leaders under the ‘Youth Voices’ serious” on different topics like employment, HDB issues and healthcare.
By doing so, they managed to “attract Singaporeans like Yeoh Lam Keong, Ku Swee Yong, Jeremy Lim, Noor Mastura, Donald Low amongst other knowledgeable and esteemed individuals to speak at The Workers’ Party HQ on these matters over the last year”.
In the end of his post, Mr Singh thanked the past and present WPYW members for all their service, and applauded Mr Perera for his team’s work over the years.

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