The crowd protest before and after police releases tear gas. (Image by Lewis Tse Pui Lung /

A day after closing down its offices in central Hong Kong in the aftermath of a massive protest against the contentious extradition Bill last Sunday, the city’s government has called upon its staff to resume operations today (18 Jun).

“As the roads in the vicinity of the the Central Government Offices (CGO), Tamar have generally become accessible, the CGO will be reopened today (June 18),” the government announced in a press release today.

However, the Executive Council, headed by its embattled Chief Executive Carrie Lam, will not be in session for the day, Bloomberg reported. The government also revealed that it will announce plans for Mrs Lam’s media session later.

Concerns were raised over the scope of powers that will be granted upon certain jurisdictions Hong Kong decides to extradite crime suspects to – particularly mainland China – should the amendment bill be passed, as certain factions remain sceptical of Beijing’s capacity to refrain from abusing the extradition arrangements.

Amnesty International warns that the proposed legislation “would extend the ability of the mainland authorities to target critics, human rights activists, journalists, NGO workers and anyone else in Hong Kong”.

Consequently, Mrs Lam’s government, which is strongly backed by Beijing, has drawn flak for its reluctance to completely withdraw the controversial bill, in spite of the overwhelming opposition it has received from protest leaders and at least hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers who had participated in the protests last week.

The protests had led Mrs Lam to apologise for sparking “substantial controversies and disputes in society”, vowing “to adopt a most sincere and humble attitude to accept criticisms and make improvements in serving the public”.

In announcing the suspension of any debate on the extradition Bill, she told the media on Sat (15 Jun): “After repeated internal deliberations over the last two days, I now announce that the government has decided to suspend the legislative amendment exercise, restart our communication with all sectors of society, do more explanation work and listen to different views of society.”

Lam had also defended the firing of tear gas, rubber bullets and beanbag rounds against protestors by police during last Wed’s demonstrations, stating that the police’s actions were “reasonable and natural”.

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新加坡警察部队指出,今年上半年的诈骗案剧增,涉及款项是去年同期的两倍,多达8200万元。专家认为,人们在冠状病毒19疫情期间增加了网上购物交易,也让网络骗子有了可乘之机。 警察部队今天(8月26日)公布今年上半年的罪案数据,其中诈骗案占了大部分,上半年整体罪案数量多达1万8121起,比去年同期增加了11.6巴仙,或1881起。 若排除诈骗案,整体数量反而比去年同期少了20.5巴仙,或2618起。 最常见10种骗局 警方指出,我国最常见的10种骗局已导致国民们损失了8200万元,比去年同期增加了97.1巴仙或4160元。警方所公布的10种骗局,包括有电子商务骗局或俗称网购骗局、社交媒体冒充骗局、贷款骗局、性爱骗局、网络爱情骗局、投资骗局、技术支援骗局(Tech Support Scam)、冒充国际官员如中国官员骗局、骗取银行资料以及其他资料的钓鱼骗局。 其中,四种最主要诈骗手段为网购骗局、社媒冒充骗局、贷款骗局和骗取银行资料的钓鱼骗局。 和去年同期相比,网购骗局增加了887宗或73.8巴仙,诈骗金额也增加了440万元,达到540万元。其中有294起网购骗局涉及和疫情有关的商品,如口罩、消毒液和温度计,涉及金额最高的骗局发生在今年2月份,受害者以17万5000元网购口罩,卖家最后却音讯全无。 而最多相关报案的电商平台包括有Carousell、脸书,增幅最大平台为Shopee。 警察部队心理专家卡罗琳指出,疫情导致人们被迫或倾向于网上购物,因此让骗子有更多接触受害者的机会。“骗子有时会在网站上刊登假商品或好评、照片等,引诱人们汇款购买。” 社媒冒充骗局和去年同期相比,暴增了数倍,从去年同期的83起增加至今年同期的1175起,涉及款项多达270万元,而Instagram、脸书,甚至WhatsApp这些通讯应用程序都成了行骗工具。…

陈志伟准将任首任总监察长 康文良准将接任空军总长

根据国防部在昨日发表的文告,三军行动处处长陈志伟准将,获委任为第一任武装部队总监察长。 陈志伟将在本月27日赴任,同时也兼任三军参谋长。 陈志伟在1993年加入武装部队,并成为空军空中交通管制员,此后在军中和国防部也担任多项高职,包括防空和行动司令部指挥官、政策办公室主任、国防专员(华盛顿)和空中部署主任等。 陈志伟在受访时指出,身为首任总监察长,首要任务是推广开放上报文化、确保安全检查品质、加强军中安全文化等。 他表示将到各军事单位巡视并评估这些单位的上报和安全文化情况。 基于军训意外频发,三军总长王赐吉中将在上月透露武装部队将成立专属部门,即由三军总长直接管辖的武装部队“总监察署”(Inspector-General Office)。这个单位有绝对权限审阅并检视海陆空三军、所有阶层人员安全标准和操守,并处分违例者。 康文良准将下月接任空军总长 另一方面,现任三军参谋长康文良准将,将接替陈尉民少将成为新一任空军总长。空军总长的任命从下个月22日起生效。 康文良是武装部队海外奖学金得主,1995年加入军队,F15-SG战斗机驾驶员、也是首任F-15SG中队第149中队司令,此后也出任空战指挥部司令、空军参谋长等职务。 陈尉民于2016年三月任空军总长。他在任内领导空军参与数起重大事件,如为美朝峰会提供空防、以及出动战机护航因炸弹惊魂而折返的班机。