Father laments police’s purported inaction in handling his six-year-old son’s alleged molestation case

Father laments police’s purported inaction in handling his six-year-old son’s alleged molestation case

A part-time Mediacorp actor has written in to TOC to express his disappointment over the purported inaction of the Singapore Police Force in dealing with a case involving his six-year-old son, who was allegedly molested by a woman in her late-30s on multiple occasions.

The actor, who will only be identified as Chua, recounted that a male police investigation officer (IO) had initially responded promptly after receiving the police report on 23 May regarding his son’s case, noting that the IO had gone down to his house around 5am the next day to record the statements of both Mr Chua and his son.

He added that the IO had classified the case as one of “outrage of modesty” at the time. A few days later, Mr Chua said he rang the IO for updates, and was subsequently told that his son’s case has been “handed over to the Special [Victims] Unit” and that the investigation “should be almost done”.

Mr Chua also recalled that a female police officer called him, asking for the alleged perpetrator’s address including her unit number, to which he replied that while he has no knowledge of the exact unit number, he volunteered other information such as the suspect’s block number and level.

He also gave the police officer his wife’s contact number as his wife regularly visits the alleged perpetrator’s house with their son.

“The female officer then contacted my wife and my wife gave directions through the phone to the female police officer,” said Mr Chua.

However, Mr Chua received “no response or updates” from the police regarding his son’s case since then, until 10 Jun when he decided to ring the female police officer in charge of the case. However, he was unable to reach her as she was not around. He was contacted by the police officer the next day, who had told him that she was on leave at the time and that his son’s case had been transferred to another female IO.

The first female IO reportedly said that she did not know and was unsure when she was asked as to whether there are any updates regarding the investigation, said Mr Chua. He received the same answer when he had further probed the IO as to whether the suspect was questioned at all by the Police regarding his son’s case, adding that “maybe” the Police will ask the suspect to come down for questioning.

When asked if he had received any updates since the last call from the Police, Mr Chua confirmed that there have been “no updates at all”.

He questioned: “I wonder what is happening now to my son’s case, and why isn’t [alleged perpetrator’s name redacted] arrested or at least questioned by the Singapore Police Force?”

“If it was a little girl [who was] molested by a man, the man would have already immediately been arrested, not to mention just questioning. But until now, [there has been] totally no response or updates about my son’s case,” Mr Chua lamented.

“I ask of all the men in the world to stand up against this injustice and unfairness against men and boys, and I ask of all the men and boys in Singapore and the world to start reporting if you are molested by a female.

“Men and boys should also be protected from molestation by women, as men also feel violated by women who molest men. If the law does not protect men and boys, but only protects women and girls, what does it mean? Injustice, unfairness and double standards,” said Mr Chua.

TOC has earlier reached out to the Police for comments. However, we have yet to receive a response from the Police regarding the case as of press time.

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