Local no-kill shelter desperate for donations to clear S$48,000 debt, hundreds of animals at risk

A non-profit shelter in Singapore run by Animal Lover League is in danger of shutting down due to debt. The no-kill shelter announced on their Instagram page that they are in debt for three months’ rent amounting to S$48,000 with until end of June 2019 to clear it.

The organisation says they have around 500 cats and dogs under their care and should they shut down, these animals will have nowhere to go.

In a bid to save the shelter, Animal Lovers League has posted a plea on Instagram appealing for funds.

The post explains that the shelter has to keep up with operational costs as such medical and food. To cover expenses, Pets Villa requires a ‘minimal’ monthly boarding and sponsorship fee for any abandoned animals brought to the shelter. The cost of sponsoring is S$60 a month for cats and S$100 a month for dogs.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to keep up with the payments, leaving the shelter with little recourse.

Many netizen have come forward to help out by making a donation. Some have also noted that they feel the government should step in to help them out:

Many also pointed out the ridiculously high rental rate of about S$16,000 a month:

Others highlighted the need for better education on pet management, noting that many people tend to adopt or buy pets without the complete understanding of how much responsibility it is to care for an animal. A little education might help curb pet abandonment and in turn reduce the burden on shelters:

How to help?

If you’d like to help them out, you can make out a cheque to Animal Lovers League or make a bank transfer to their DBS Current A/C No: 015-900383-3. If you like to use PayPal or Give.Asia, you can visit their website at https://www.animalloversleague.com/donate.