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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued a prohibition on the offering of loan services by remittance licensees yesterday (10 Jun).

Remittance firms are expected to cease offering such services by 10 Sep this year.

The prohibition, however, will not apply to existing loans including restructured and refinancing loans, ST observed.

A MAS spokesperson told The Straits Times that the Authority “continues to monitor the lending activities of remittance licensees closely, and will not hesitate to take further actions where appropriate”.

The prohibition notice will precede the enforcement new Payment Services Act, under which licensees offering payment services such as remittance will not be permitted to lend money to individuals.

The Payment Services Act will replace the current Payment Systems (Oversight) Act and the Money-changing and Remittance Businesses Act.

MAS told ST in Oct last year that it was conducting a review on loans offered by remittance licensees after it was reported that Toast Me, a remittance licensee in Lucky Plaza, was offering domestic helpers cash advances with interest.

A contract seen by ST entailed a 10 per cent interest for a loan amount of S$700. Only S$630 was issued to the helper after a “first-time fee of $70” was deducted, ST observed.

Statistics have shown that there is an upward trend in foreign workers borrowing money from licensed moneylenders, from 7,500 for the whole of 2016 to 35,000 in the first half of 2018.

However, the Government’s decision to impose new loan caps in a bid to make moneylending processes more stringent has resulted in certain foreigners resorting to unlicensed moneylenders, ST reported.

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配合30周年庆晚宴,在10月26日,李光耀公共政策学院政策研究所(IPS)举办了共四场论坛,邀请多位部长和学者同台演讲,探讨社会政策、公民精神、贫富不均等议题。 不过,我国巡回大使许通美教授,在隔日阅读《海峡时报》报章后,就在个人脸书贴文对该报表达不满。由于许通美教授在论坛上发表对最低薪资看法, 有关落实最低薪资利弊的论战,也在其脸书贴文延烧,引来各路人马参与辩论。 在帖文中,许通美指出,《海时》报导了人力部长杨莉明在论坛上,提出有关最低薪资可能导致事业和非法就业的观点。 然而,当时许通美教授也参与了讨论,反驳了杨莉明的说法,指出日本、韩国、香港和台湾等新近过,都实施最低薪资制,并没有遇到杨莉明所形容的问题。然而, 《海时》却省略了许通美的意见,令后者质疑《海时》偏颇报导。 许通美说:“我很高兴并积极参与了公共政策研究所,在周四和周五进行的30周年庆论坛和晚宴。两项活动都非常成功。我对研究所所长 Janadas Devan致敬,因为他有勇气邀请我的好友–施仁乔,出席第三场的论坛讲座。” “然而,我想询问《海时》,为什么刊载了第一、二和第四场论坛的照片,却独漏第三场?难道普杰立部长和施仁乔的照片,有违国家利益?” 许通美称,他也向在《海时》任职的朋友抗议,该报对论坛的偏颇报导将使媒体失信于众,例如《海时》报导了部长杨莉明的观点,却省略掉他本身提出的反对意见。 “现有收入分配制度是道德耻辱” 他不忘在贴文中强调,我国现有的收入分配制度,乃是道德耻辱。献金还有很多劳动人士赚取的生活薪资不足,而陷入贫穷。…