Another day, another cyclist who thinks he owns the road.

A dashcam video captured at around 6.26pm yesterday (5 May) along Choa Chu Kang Way showed a male cyclist recklessly cutting into the right lane of a two-laned road, who then stops right in front of an oncoming car as he gestures abrasively at the driver for honking at him.

The footage of the incident was uploaded on Facebook group All Stuff Singapore earlier today (7 May).

At the beginning of the footage, the cyclist can be seen cutting into the right lane right in front of the car.

Subsequently, the driver can be heard honking at the cyclist for his rash action on the road.

The cyclist then stopped abruptly in front of the car, only to get off his bike and gesture abrasively at the driver.

The cyclist eventually got back onto his bicycle and cycled off – still remaining in the right lane.

Watch the full video here:

According to the Road Traffic Act (RTA), cyclists must, as near as practicable, keep to the far-left side/lane of the road unless overtaking.

Cyclists are allowed to travel in the right side/lane if they are making a right turn.

Moreover, cyclists should ride in a meticulous manner to avoid any obstruction on vehicles travelling at a faster speed.

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