Following the high-profile case involving undergraduate Nicholas Lim Jun Kai’s voyeuristic act of filming fellow student Monica Baey whilst she was showering in a Eusoff Hall bathroom, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has implemented protective measures to curb the spread of such sexual misconduct on-campus.

TODAY reported yesterday (3 May) that the university had “begun to cover gaps in shower cubicles, increased the number of security guards at hostels and started installing new locks at the entrances of restrooms in hostels”.

NUS senior deputy president and provost Ho Teck Hua told students in an internal circular distributed to students on Fri that the school is working “expeditiously” to protect the university students’ wellbeing.

NUS has also introduced roving security patrols across campus and installed new cameras at more locations, TODAY observed.

Professor Ho noted that at least 300 new cameras will be put up by the end of next month.

An NUS spokesperson told TODAY that “the new electronic locks installed at the entrances of restrooms in hostels will require residents to tap on them with their transponders, which they already use to open their room doors and hostel gates”.

The installation of the locks will be completed by the end of next month, added the spokesperson.

“These measures will act as a stronger deterrent against potential offenders and improve overall security on campus,” according to Professor Ho.

The university has also begun reviewing its disciplinary framework and victim support system, part of which will include the establishment of a new Victim Care Unit in the new academic year, he added.

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