Earlier this week, on Tuesday (30 Apr), Facebook user CharLowe LC posted a series of videos together with a photo on Facebook group 50 Shades Blacker (Singapore) capturing a man who stripped down to his underwear, lying down along a HDB corridor right outside her home.

In the post, CharLowe LC asserted that the man is a drunk stalker who frequently loiters along the corridor, shadowing other women in the block, and even had attempted to break into her flat on several occasions.

To her dismay, she also claimed that the man was later let off the hook by the police as the police assumed he was just drunk. She added that the police told her that the man is staying at a nearby block.

Here is a screenshot of the post:

The first video, which was captured from inside CharLowe LC’s flat, shows the man lying on the floor of the corridor right outside, wearing only a black shirt and underwear.

As the video progresses, the man can be seen fidgeting around while moaning, and later placing his hand on his crotch.

The second video shows the man removing his shirt as he continues to stay on the floor, only in his underwear.

The third video shows the man being confronted by two police officers, while still appearing topless.

The last video shows the man being ushered off the premise by the police officers.

However, it is unclear what transpired after the incident was filmed, with regards to whether the allegedly drunk man was apprehended or escorted back to his own block.

According to the police, they were alerted to a case of public nuisance at Block 150 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 at about 12.50am. Further investigations are currently ongoing.

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