Massive crowds of commuters along the EWL due to track fault on Friday morning

Another train delay occurred this Friday morning (15 March), again along the East West Line (EWL), this time caused by a track fault at Clementi.

Without any prior information (on Tweeter or Facebook posts), transport operator SMRT tweeted an ‘update’ at 5:59am that there was no train service between Jurong East and Queenstown due to a track fault at Clementi:

Commuters posted many complains and questions on the Twitter platform; the first started at 5:59am:

At 6:29 SMRT tweeted the same update, now asking for 30 minutes additional travel time between Jurong East and Queenstown:

Other commuters posted their tweets to SMRT, with many asking where were the free bus bridging service:

Lester Lee tweeted at 6:59am that the delay along EWL was in both directions:

At 7:03 SMRT cleared the fault; it tweeted that train services on the EWL have resumed, trains are progressively returning back to normal speed.

But passengers’ complains were still coming on afterward:

At 7:10 SMRT, despite its earlier tweet, updated again that due to a track fault traveling time between Jurong East and Queenstown need 30 minutes additional time still:

Jihrish Sardido shared a photo showing large crowd at Clementi at 7:11am:

And other passengers still posted their tweets:

Jihrish Sardido shared another photo and other commuters also still posted their information and complains:

Oblivious to commuters distress SMRT tweeted the fault was cleared (again), but travel time still need additional 30 minutes, at 7:40am

And tweets from passengers were still coming on the platform:

There were many more tweets posted by commuters, too many to be reported here; the last one TOC caught was from Jihrish Sardido at 12:30pm:

TATA SMRT Facebook also reported the incident, there were many posts from the Admin and passengers, TOC only reported some of them here:

Wayne Chew wrote at 6:01am: “No train Svc between Queenstown and Jurong east due to track fault at Clementi Train Svc has resumed but add 30 mins travelling time.”

Alan Charles Yap (Admin) wrote at 7:17am: “Kindly disregard the fault cleared message. Train delay between JUR & QUE is still ongoing.”

Tommy Soon wrote at 7:28am: “Anybody living jurong west area? I working in the east. Can share grab.”

Shirley Woon posted on 7:33am: “Normal buses along commonwealth heading towards town also affected. All buses are crowded, cannot board. I am stuck at Ghim Moh.”

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