Train delay along North South Line on the year’s last morning continued till late evening

The train delay along the North South Line (NSL) said caused by track fault started on Monday (31 Dec) morning had gone on late in the evening.

Commuters periodically posted the information about the NSL delay on TATA SMRT Facebook platform through the afternoon:

Dante Yuxuan wrote at 12:35pm: “NSL to MSP track inspection.”

Dante Yuxuan wrote at 4:01pm: “Train fault on NSL South bound. Just now my train stopped after Canberra Stn.”

Charles Tew wrote at 5:54pm: “The je platform is like sardines…please avoid.”

Samuel Ng wrote at 6:09pm: “There is no train service at platform A Jurong East station.”

A.C. Yap wrote at 6:09pm: “Finally, like finally (sic), SMRT released an official statement after 3/4 of the day had lapsed #latepost [NSL]: Due to track maintenance work, south-bound trains from #YioChuKang to #Bishan are travelling slower till end of service. Please add 10 mins train travel time to your journey.”

SMRT finally announced an official statement at 6:07pm concerning delay (which has been going on since around 6:34am). But it said that the Southbound trains from Yio Chu Kang to Bishan were travelling slower due to ‘track maintenance work’ till end of service, and only mentioning 10 minutes additional travel time:

Passengers reacted negatively to the announcement on social media platforms.

On Twitter some posts questioned the maintenance planning and said that it was not realistic:

Other commuters complained about the official statement, referencing to the upcoming price increase and the very late announcement:

Many questioned the ‘maintenance work’ as the reason of the delay:

At 11:15pm SMRT tweeted an SPF advisory that Promontory and MBS Waterfront is congested due to the #MBSC2019 (Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2019) event and has been closed off to the public. Commuters are advised to avoid the area.

And finally, at 11:59pm SMRT did not forget to wish a Happy New Year: