Editor of The Online Citizen, author of article to be charged with criminal defamation

by Judy Tan

Dear Terry,

I refer to the charges the both of you are facing, with an additional one against my son.
I would like to address Mr Amrin Amin’s press interview which is based on half, incomplete truths and picture.
In the first place, Mr Amin conveniently left out the fact from the public that my son did not deny being the author of the article nor did he shirk responsibility. Police claims of my son’s utilisation of a non-existent internet cafe in Chinatown demonstrates the quality of their investigative procedures.
Secondly, I hope Mr Amin will reveal the true identity of this “Willy Sum” as I believe this is not his real name. Mr Amin can also do well to reveal the circumstances in which “Willy” became friends with my son, his own legal and marital history that speaks of his character, in addition to the situation that led to my son writing from that fiction account! Thanks for also confirming “Willy’s” own submissions to TOC about his many troubles.
Lastly, a trip was planned way ahead of the police report to celebrate my birthday on 20 Nov 18 and I wondered (i) the reason for the takedown order (which serves as evidence) and cunning police report lodged after the compliance? (ii) the length it took from lodging to arresting? (iii) which portion of it states members of your cabinet were corrupt? (iv) why was not the same treatment rendered when Dr Lee and Mr Led made similar allegations that triggered this whole event?
With lack of clarity, Mr Amin cannot possibly take the high moral ground from which he is capitalising on the political reserves of our Founding Fathers’. He must therefore, be careful that he does not fall off the high horse he is riding on!