Handwritten graffiti Abolish Death Penalty sprayed on the wall, anarchist aesthetics. Appeal to stop capital punishment and executions on defendants from Shutterstock.com

Anti-death penalty NGOs urge Singapore govt to halt the execution of Malaysian national, Prabu N Pathmanathan

Statement by local anti-death penalty non-government organisations, We Believe in Second Chances and Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

We strongly urge the Singapore government to halt the execution of Prabu N Pathmanathan, a Malaysian convicted of drug trafficking in Singapore, scheduled to be carried out on Friday 26
October at dawn.

Prabu was convicted for committing several acts preparatory to and for the purposes of trafficking in 227.82 grams of diamorphine.

Singapore’s position on the war on drugs, which includes the passing of the mandatory death sentence on convicted drug traffickers, requires critical and urgent reassessment. As identified by the demographics of death row inmates and the families we know of, there appears to exist a pattern of poverty and marginalisation amongst them. Years of research by experienced and respected criminologists around the world have also not yielded any conclusive evidence that the death penalty is more effective than any other punishment in deterring crime.

Finally, we would like to reiterate that the death penalty is a cruel and inhumane form of punishment. Not only is it irreversible once an execution takes place, it also creates another set of victims – the loved ones of the ones who are executed.