Train breakdown along CCL on Saturday evening, massive confusion for passengers affected by service disruption

Train service was disrupted along the Circle Line (CCL)  on Saturday evening due to signaling fault, starting with trains being stuck between Tai Seng – Mac Pherson stations, and Paya Lebar – Dakota stations.

About 6pm tweets from affected and worried passengers started to post questions about their stalled trains on the social media platform:

At 6:21pm SMRT officially informed that due to signaling fault there was no train service between Tai Seng and Mac Pherson in both directions; free regular bus services were offered:

And at 6:35pm SMRT also tweeted there was no train service between Tai Seng and Mountbatten on both bounds, free bus regular services were available between Bartley and Stadium:

Not long after, TYH complained why trains not serving the affected stations were also not moving; and Mark Zuckervurg explained it was a domino effect:

Other commuters complained about the announcement on the trains – or the lack of useful information:

And Mark Zuckervurg posted some photos of crowds caused by the breakdown outside the station:

At 6:52pm SMRT informed that train service was already available between Tai Seng and Mountbatten, while additional time between Stadium and Bartley was expected:

But Mark Zuckervurg questioned the promised free bus services, while Eiram tweeted that the buses (drivers) were not informed about it:

At 7:02pm and 7:13pm SMRT repeated that the CCL train service between Tai Seng and Mountbatten has resumed, stating that additional 5 minutes travel time between Stadium and  Bartley was expected and that free regular bus services were still available between Stadium and  Bartley till 7:30pm:

Michelle Hiew explained the reasons of confused information at Tai Seng:

And Shahron expressed dissatisfaction with a tweeted photo:

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